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    Wienerberger BIM objects now downloadable directly from its website

    1 April 15: Wienerberger, the leading provider of wall, roof and landscaping innovations, launched its fully functional Building Information Modelling (BIM) portal on its website called BIM Lab in April 2014. BIM objects from Wienerberger can now be downloaded directly from the Wienerberger website www.wienerberger. or via BIMStore.

    The portal marks the first time that Wienerberger has opened up its product and construction system portfolio for use with BIM technology – allowing architects and specifiers the opportunity to get a clear understanding of exactly how certain products will practically function in their projects, and has proven very popular. Wienerberger has made full BIM specifications available on products right across its three divisions of roof, wall and landscaping.

    Annette Forster, Marketing Director of Wienerberger UK commented: “We have a catalogue of wall types based upon our brick products as well as individual components being modelled. These are much more useful for architects. We also have the performance data, weights, densities and other useful information included in our offering. We are the first manufacturer to offer this information across the entire building envelope of roof, wall and landscaping.”

    Harald Schwarzmayr, Managing Director of Wienerberger UK, commented: “We pride ourselves on innovating on behalf of our customers, and it’s clear to us that BIM provides an incredible level of information and insight for architects and specifiers at the crucial initial design stages of projects. As such, we feel it is really important for Wienerberger to have an easy-to-access BIM platform to showcase exactly how well our products perform, and indeed how versatile they are.”

    He continued:

    “We understand that evolving technology has a huge potential to transform the construction industry, and we are committed to ensuring that we translate the latest thought leadership and research into practical innovations for our customers to use. Our BIM Lab is a great example of that, and just one of many more that we hope to launch over the next few years.”

    To visit the Wienerberger BIM Lab, please find visit . To find out more about Wienerberger UK please visit:

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