ARB, architects register

The ARB has launched a new and improved Architects Register, allowing users to access the register quickly via a tablet, phone, or pc/laptop

The Architects Register is the official list of the UK’s 43,000+ architects, which the public can use to find an architect and check their registration.

If someone is not on the Register, they’re not an architect – it’s as simple as that.

A host of improvements have been introduced to make the Register more user-friendly. The Register can now be checked easily from a mobile phone or tablet as well as a PC or laptop, and it’s fully accessible to everyone, in line with the latest web accessibility guidelines.

The Register search functions have also been improved, the design has been updated and ARB’s information for the public has been enhanced.

The online Register first launched in 2011 and now receives around 2 million visits per year from the public, professionals and employers.

ARB maintains the Register and ensures only those with the appropriate qualifications and experience, and who conduct themselves in line with the Architects Code, are able to practise as an architect in the UK.

Speedy access to accurate information

Simon Howard, ARB’s director of regulation, said: “We’re really pleased to have made these significant improvements to the Architects Register, which will ensure it meets the expectations of consumers to access accurate information, quickly.

“It’s now even easier to check that an architect is genuine in just a few clicks.”

ARB’s acting chief executive, Marc Stoner, added: “Part of ARB’s role is to protect the users and potential users of architects’ services, and the updates we’ve made to the Register help to do exactly that.

“Thanks to these developments, it’s easier and more convenient for the public to make an informed choice about who to hire for their architectural project.”


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