New smart cities accelerator opens in London


Internet of Things consortium has opened a new facility in London dedicated to researching and testing technologies to use in smart cities…

Technology has the ability to revolutionise numerous aspects of everyday living. As the Internet of Things continues to develop, it is becoming increasingly apparent that technology will become a major facet of cities going forward.

Now, in a bid to push the smart cities agenda, Internet of Things consortium HyperCat has launched a new facility in London.

The consortium, which includes members such as IBM, Intel, and Arm, has launched a new accelerator to push this agenda. It has the backing of organisations such as Innovate UK, the Mayor of London’s Office, BT, KPMG, and the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC).

The #HyperCatCity accelerator is based at the Urban Innovation Centre, which is run by the Future Cities Catapult. It will bring together like-minded organisations with expertise in the smart cities sphere and will cover areas such as access to data, technology enabled health care, safe transport, and smart energy.

CEO of Flexeye and a founder of #HCC Justin Anderson said: “The #HyperCatCity Accelerator is bringing together great thinkers and big businesses to shape the smart strategy for the UK’s biggest urban regeneration project.

“The accelerator also provides a fantastic venue – perfectly located in the Future Cities Catapult centre – for the companies involved to showcase their services and collaborate to deliver value for a wide range of cities.”

Future Cities Catapult’s Chief Business Officer Scott Cain said: “We actively support the new #HyperCatCity accelerator as it aligns with our goals and shares our collaborative approach to the complex and compelling challenge of making cities better for all of us who live, work, learn and move through them.”


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