Architect reprimanded for unacceptable professional conduct


The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) has issued architect Olaf Kneer of Casper Mueller Kneer Architects,  with a reprimand after he admitted unacceptable professional conduct

Kneer was retained to assist his client with the development of a small flat. He proposed removing and replacing the kitchen and bathroom, installing new cupboards, laying new floors and decorating the property.

The client contacted ARB following a prolonged period of time when the works remained incomplete.

Following an investigation, Kneer accepted he had not entered into a written agreement with his client that adequately covered the terms of engagement, contrary to Standard 4.4 of the Architects Code, at the outset or throughout the project.

Whilst Olaf Kneer’s role in the project evolved over time, he did not record or agree these changes in writing with the client. Kneer accepted he failed to meet these professional obligations, leading to the client misunderstanding his role in the project.

Kneer waived his right to have the case heard at a public hearing and agreed that the decision could be made by the PCC on the basis of the papers alone.

The PCC found the failings to be a serious breach of the Architects Code which had the potential to diminish both the architect’s reputation and that of the profession generally.

It took note of Kneer’s admission and the fact that he had engaged fully in the regulatory process. It, therefore, considered a reprimand to be the appropriate and proportionate sanction.


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