BIM Today August 2016


Welcome to the August 2016 Edition of BIM Today

Much of this edition is devoted to the ongoing journey of embracing BIM Level 2 with advice and encouragement from our expert contributors, but we are also doing a bit of ‘future gazing’, stemming from The BIM Level 3 & Beyond | Moving Forward After Level 2 event held earlier in July.

John Eynon, Joint Chair of BIM Regions UK and the BIM Regions South East kicks off proceedings touching on the delicate tipping point we face now where The BIM Task Group is moving on to focus purely on BIM Level 3 development, while the rest of the “industry struggles to attain and understand Level 2”. So who will be taking over the baton of Level 2 implementation? Enter the UK BIM Alliance. It will launch officially in October at the ICE BIM Conference and Digital Construction Week, but it is already “gearing up, reaching out and getting the support of industry leaders” according to Eynon, and he urges interested parties to get in touch.

A contribution from Professor Jason Underwood of Salford University continues the theme of Level 2 development while keeping an eye on the future. His article contains an examination for where the industry currently sits but echoes the fact that BIM Level 3 can’t happen “unless Level 2 BIM becomes ‘business as usual’ for the UK construction industry”.

Returning to the BIM Level 3 & Beyond event, we provide a review of the main themes of the day. All speakers were in agreement that Level 2 BIM must be adopted fully within industry before embarking on the next stages, but there is no doubt that the digital world is an unstoppable machine, and failure to grasp the opportunities it brings would be a failure for the construction industry.

The work of the Behaviours4Collaboration group is also highlighted within this edition. A key message of BIM requires a more collaborative approach, but what does this mean in practice? The founder member of Behaviours4Collaboration, Elizabeth Kavanagh, also Head of HR, Research and Innovation at Stride Treglown provides an update on the progress being made by the group in addition to advice on how to incorporate collaboration.

A relatively ‘new kid on the block’ regarding BIM Groups is BIM4Police, formed earlier this year. Javed Edahtally is its Chair, and he writes for us focussing on the aims of the group but also on the need for consistency and standardisation to manage and maintain an estate valued at £1.2 billion.

As ever, we have a packed edition, and I look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions for our next instalment in October. Until then, I hope you all have a lovely summer.


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