BIM Today May 2017


The BIM Today May 2017 edition includes many articles covering subject areas including the progress made in BIM adoption, the latest news surrounding the LEXiCON initiative, and how BIM and offsite building go hand-in-hand. A selection are detailed below:


Using BIM on smaller scale projects is possible

Dan Rossiter of BRE explains the benefits of using BIM on smaller scale projects and provides tips based on his own experience of applying BIM to manage his home

Consistent product data – the apex for BIM objects

Peter Caplehorn, Deputy CE and Policy Director of the CPA believes in the value of digital technologies to create an efficient and modern construction industry. He spoke to BIM Today and outlined the progress made in BIM adoption and consistent product data

BIM and a sustainability strategy: better value and places

Implementing BIM and a sustainability strategy has wider benefits resulting in an opportunity to connect buildings, spaces, places, people and communities argues Dr Susie Tomson, Sustainability Director at PCSG

Product manufacturers and BIM: the importance of standardised data

Alex Small, BIM and Digital Platforms Manager at Tata Steel outlines the challenges construction product manufacturers face on their route to BIM

Modern modular construction should be embraced as the future

Jason Ruddle at Elecosoft discusses why modern modular construction could help contractors grasp today’s opportunity, accelerate delivery, and adapt for tomorrow

BIM and DfMA – the future of construction

Utilising BIM and DfMA (Designing for Manufacture and Assembly) has wide-ranging benefits as discussed by Nick Milestone, Board Director for the Structural Timber Association

Why you should not be confused about utilising BIM Level 2

Utilising BIM Level 2 might seem like a minefield but there are many benefits, says John Eynon, Joint Chair of BIM Regions UK and BIM Regions South East



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