BIM Today November 2015


Welcome to the Autumn edition of BIM Today – another packed edition examining all that is BIM.

We open with a retrospective look over the last five years from Peter Hansford. As he nears the end of his Government Chief Construction Adviser role, he provides a look back at the adoption of BIM highlighting 3 key areas that have enabled the UK to become a world leader. He says that “should history record that Paul Morrell and I have contributed to BIM adoption then this would be a satisfying achievement. I have never regarded BIM as the panacea for transforming construction, but there is no doubt that it is a vital ingredient.”

He discusses the exciting proposition of Digital Built Britain. Its central thrust is that BIM and its capacity to access and verify data will bring construction and the operation of assets into a single process – in the longer term linking assets to sensors, telemetry and other data bases to assist in the management of the built environment.

Paul Oakley, BRE BIM Director also appears in this edition examining the current state of play of the drive for coordinating data standards to deliver on Digital Built Britain. He argues for the need of an international standard made up of both international and local nationalised requirements for product data templates, developed and approved by appropriate experts within their field. The intention of BRE and others is to provide the UK industry with a standardised data structure for building products and materials.

I’m also really pleased to present an interview with Paul Griffiths, Head of BIM Strategy and Development at Ordnance Survey where he explains how geospatial data, the Smart City and BIM will help solve our urban challenges. “It is possible to use our knowledge to not only address the challenges directly, but also work to create better cities for a predicted surge in urban living (current projections suggest that 70% of people globally will live in cities by 2050).”

Elsewhere in this edition, we have articles from; Graham Paterson and Tahar Kouider from CIAT, outlining how the organisation is embracing and developing BIM; Graham Forbes of Clearbox detailing everything you need to know about COBie; and, Shona Frame of CMS Cameron McKenna who considers the legal implications of BIM in contractual documentation.

As ever, BIM Today strives to disseminate the knowledge and advice around BIM and relies on you as the experts to deliver that insight, so, if you would like to comment or indeed write for the publication, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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