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Axis releases smart buildings & smart cities whitepaper

Axis has announced the release of its latest whitepaper, Smart Buildings & Smart Cities Security, a detailed study of challenges for smart buildings.
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Smart city: Turning the dream into a reality

With more than half of Brits believing that smart city measures should be put in place to make cyclists and pedestrians safer.
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Digital twin ambitions: How to catch up with the future

Dr Paul Cureton of ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University and Elliot Hartley, managing director of Garsdale Design, examine the UK’s digital twin ambitions.
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West Cambridge: Developing a digital twin demonstrator

The Institute for Manufacturing’s West Cambridge project is highlighting how digital twins can harness data from multiple sources to inform better building management, while improving productivity and wellbeing.
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Why cities need to unlock their planning data

Cities are sitting on a wealth of valuable data locked away in planning documents. It’s time they learn how to better use a resource that’s entirely in their control, explains Stefan Webb.
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Urban Land Institute launches Urban Technology Framework

The Urban Land Institute, creators of sustainable communities, has launched an Urban Technology Framework to help cities advance into the next generation.
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Mott MacDonald and Microsoft collaborate to deliver smart infrastructure

Mott MacDonald and Microsoft have teamed up to create a cloud-based smart infrastructure platform to help asset owners, cities and governments deliver public services that bring value to everyone.
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Cambridge set for ‘digital twin’ as part of new Urban Data Project

The Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership is set to be the first to trail the Urban Data Project, which will see the creation of a digital twin of Cambridge to collect rich data about the city.
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We need to talk about cities

How can we use city data to create urban wellbeing? Tom Leaver of Future Cities Catapult takes a look.
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City dwellers demand smart traffic to slash commute times

ATG Access, reveals that almost two-thirds (65%) of city dwellers are frustrated with the levels of congestion in their city.
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BIM adds value to intelligent buildings, says report

A new report from Navigant Research examines how building information modelling (BIM) adds value to intelligent buildings.
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More than two thirds of Brits don’t know what a smart city is

The latest study from ATG Access has found that 68% of the UK public do not know what a smart city is or the benefits it can bring.
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Neuroscience: A life-hack for city wellbeing?

Sam Markey of Future Cities Catapult takes a look how neuroscience can help us to better understand cities functions and turn them into healthier places.
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Revolutionising the UK’s cities: taking the first practical steps

Chris Fry, a specialist in Infrastructure & Regeneration at international design and engineering consultancy Ramboll, discusses the importance of smart city integration and takes a look at the challenges faced when updating the infrastructure of established towns and cities.

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