year in infrastructure awards

Bentley Systems’ Year in Infrastructure 2020 conference goes digital

Bentley Systems has announced that its annual infrastructure awards, the Year in Infrastructure 2020 conference, is evolving and going digital.
smart buildings, Commercial real estate,

How smart buildings change commercial real estate

Richard Morris, director at technologywithin, considers how smart buildings can help maximise the revenue potential for commercial properties.
net zero carbon buildings, cities targets climate

European cities and companies commit to net-zero buildings

Leading European cities including Helsinki, Finland and Valladolid and companies have pledged to slash carbon emissions from their buildings to net-zero.
eco-friendly cities, urban greenery

Envisioning green cities in the UK

Marshalls has explored the future of the UK’s building environments and how they can adopt more urban greenery to create eco-friendly cities.
Year in Infrastructure 2019, digital cities,

Year in Infrastructure 2019: Bentley Systems bolsters digital cities offerings

Bentley Systems has announced the acquisition of global mobility simulation and analytics software provider Citilabs and 3D and mobile mapping software provider Orbit Geospatial Technologies.
urban digital twin, city modelling,

Research: Urban digital twin developments to exceed 500 by 2025

Transformative urban digital twin and city modelling developments are expected to grow from a handful of early implementations to 500 by 2025.
Smart city, smart revolution, Smart buildings, Axis

Planning and building the secure smart city

Steven Kenny, industry liaison, architecture and engineering at Axis Communications, discusses the challenges of the smart revolution and the innovation that is needed to create a smarter, safer world.
Digital twin, Science Park,

A digital replica for Hong Kong Science Park

Digital twin campus initiative drives smart facilities management for Hong Kong Science Park.
smart cities, data science,

How data can build the smart cities of the future

Nathan Sykes, tech writer for Kolabtree, discusses the role of data science in smart cities and how urban planners depend on data to learn about housing trends and transportation habits.
Smart Buildings & Smart Cities , Axis communications, Data

Axis releases smart buildings & smart cities whitepaper

Axis has announced the release of its latest whitepaper, Smart Buildings & Smart Cities Security, a detailed study of challenges for smart buildings.
Smart City, road users, ATG Access

Smart city: Turning the dream into a reality

With more than half of Brits believing that smart city measures should be put in place to make cyclists and pedestrians safer.
digital twin ambitions

Digital twin ambitions: How to catch up with the future

Dr Paul Cureton of ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University and Elliot Hartley, managing director of Garsdale Design, examine the UK’s digital twin ambitions.
Digital twin, building management, infrastructure

West Cambridge: Developing a digital twin demonstrator

The Institute for Manufacturing’s West Cambridge project is highlighting how digital twins can harness data from multiple sources to inform better building management, while improving productivity and wellbeing.
Planning data, local plans,

Why cities need to unlock their planning data

Cities are sitting on a wealth of valuable data locked away in planning documents. It’s time they learn how to better use a resource that’s entirely in their control, explains Stefan Webb.

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