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Building smart cities

Smart cities that harness data to improve the lives of citizens are no longer a far-off vision – they are a reality. Susie Tomson, Sustainability Director at PCSG, discusses their emergence – and a new initiative to create a blueprint for smart cities around the globe
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The rise of software cities

The technology we use is changing the way we sculpt our cities. Peter Debney of Oasys considers how software has been used in the planning process of city spaces
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Why planning is ripe for innovation

Following the West Midlands Urban Tech Summit, Stefan Webb and Joseph Bailey talk about the importance of opening up planning data and working with Birmingham City Council to understand the impact of new developments
smart city visions

Creating smart city visions of the future

The concept of smart city visions is advancing across the globe. But what will they look like and how will they work? Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells and Alexandra Whittington of Fast Future explore the possibilities
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The smart city is not just a pipedream

Why contractors must engage in the smart city conversation is highlighted here by John Cove, marketing manager at Starrett
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Smart cities are driver for innovative solutions to urban challenges

Leading Construction, Energy and Projects lawyer, Jeremy Williams analyses smart cities and explains why they are vital for economic growth
Smart cities hub launched to bring together sustainable technologies

Smart cities hub launched to bring together sustainable technologies

Stakeholders invested in creating clean, sustainable environments will now benefit from a new cross-sector smart cities hub
Smart city lighting

The six stages of the smart city challenge for local government

Recent research suggests that local government needs to pass through six stages in their journey to smart city status, as John Fox, Managing Director of Lucy Zodion describes.

Smart cities are not a priority for councils

New research has revealed smart cities are not deemed a strategic priority for the majority of local authorities across the UK Leading designer and manufacturer of streetlighting equipment Lucy Zodion has released new research highlighting how many councils are not pushing a smart city agenda. The research showed there are barriers...

Open innovations for smart city futures

Jesus Villasante, Head of Unit for Net Innovation for the European Commission, DG Connect hails the development of new smart city applications… The largest event dedicated to smart cities, the Smart City Expo World Congress was held from the 17th to 19th November last year in Barcelona. Jesus Villasante was...

The EU Urban Agenda for our cities of tomorrow

European Parliament MEP, Lambert van Nistelrooij outlines why cities are the engine for economic growth and are integral for the EU Urban Agenda...   Cities have the future. While the regions in Europe always had the ‘first’ attention from Brussels, the spotlights nowadays have to be on the cities as well....

Tekla Launches Structural Designer

A Powerful New Way for Engineers to Analyse and Design Buildings… Tekla, a Trimble company, announced it has added a product to its portfolio, Tekla Structural Designer; a dedicated analysis and design software for structural engineers working on commercial building projects. Tekla Structural Designer complements Tekla Structures – extending the...

First 12 months sees widespread use of NBS BIM Object Standard

It’s just over a year since the NBS launched its BIM Object Standard. The first of its kind in the world, the Standard defines clear requirements against which all BIM objects can be assessed, what constitutes a quality BIM object and provides the foundations for a consistent approach that...

BIM and re-thinking conventional practice

Richard Shennan, Chair of ACE BIM Engagement and Support Group muses on re-thinking the boundaries between consulting engineers and contractors – a key step in realising the benefits of BIM The way in which people with varied and complementary skills come together to enable the creation of built assets has...

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