building regulations for security

Complying with the building regulations for security

Secured by Design explains how it is working to make Building Regulations for security easier, quicker and less burdensome Secured by Design (SBD) works closely with UK Police Forces and a wide range of other organisations, including National and Local Government, British and European Standards authorities, the construction industry, trade...
tackling the housing crisis

Tackling the housing crisis must remain a government priority

Town and Country Planning Association's Kate Henderson argues that the government must not let Brexit distract it from tackling the housing crisis Brexit negotiations will be the top priority of the new government. However, it is essential that the government also focus on the issues that matter to people's quality...
affordable housing

Affordable housing gains £7bn boost as the government unlocks funding

Housing providers will be able to apply for a share of £7bn funding to help expand affordable homes across the country
House building in Oxford

House building in Oxford improves significantly

House building in Oxford improved significantly over the past year, rising to 383 new homes completed from 332 in 2014/2015.
Tackling empty homes

Tackling empty homes should be a priority for government

New research from Empty Homes has found that over 83% of British adults believe the government should place a higher priority on tackling empty homes.
social housing providers and their buildings

Government housing policy must improve say social housing providers

‘The Changing Landscape for Social Housing’ report reveals the concerns of social housing providers about government housing policy
Funding needed for housing crisis

Allow councils to borrow to alleviate housing crisis

Allowing local authorities to borrow to build homes could both help tackle the housing crisis and mitigate any emerging economic uncertainty, the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has said ahead of the Autumn Statement. Brian Berry, Chief Executive of the FMB, said: ‘The Autumn statement presents an opportunity for the...
UK house building

UK house building requires change in mindset

A step change is needed in mindset and delivery on UK house building to meet government’s ambition to build one million new homes by 2020, says CBI report
Accessible housing in the UK

Why accessible housing shouldn’t be a niche issue

The growing national demand for inclusive, accessible housing shouldn’t be a niche issue, as argued by Jean Hewitt, Director of the Centre for Accessible Environments.
housebuilding in the UK

The housebuilder’s challenge: a realistic target?

74 percent of housebuilders think the government’s aim of building a million homes during the current Parliament is unachievable. Gwyn Roberts, Homes and Communities Leader at BRE Global examines what can be done to make this target a reality
housing supply

Housing supply challenge: More than just a planning issue

The challenge of meeting the UK’s housing supply targets is more than just a problem for the planning sector, according to BLP Insurance’s Kim Vernau The construction industry needs to be firing on all supply cylinders to meet the million homes challenge by 2020, according to panellists at an event...
Councils set up rental companies to limit Right to Buy

Councils set up companies to limit Right to Buy

In a bid to defend dwindling social housing stock from a new rush of buyers under the government's flagship Right to Buy scheme, local authorities are setting up private rental companies The Right to Buy scheme, which was first introduced by former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, enables social housing tenants...