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ACCA software provides wide range of software and digital solutions for the architectural, engineering and construction industries

With the highest number of IFC certified BIM software on the market today, ACCA Software is firmly adherent to open standards and is an active member of buildingSMART International.

A bit of history

Founded in 1989, ACCA software has established a strong position in developing over 95 different solutions for the architectural, engineering and construction industries with the ability to provide adequate answers to the growing needs of professionals thanks to an unrivalled know-how and the unique ability to combine extreme simplicity and extraordinary design tools.

Edificius – On the road to being BIM compliant

Edificius, ACCA software’s BIM building design software is an all-in -one solution that offers architectural design and interior design, MEP systems modeling, integration with Google Maps™ for terrain modeling, Integration with SketchUp™, Blender™ and Rhino/Grasshopper™ for 3D solid modeling, Project Time schedules management (GANTT), Automatic Quantity Take offs and Cost Estimating directly from the model, Photorealistic renderings, Photo retouching and scene photo-montages, Real-Time Rendering, Video Editing, Immersive Virtual Reality, Project documentation.

Automatically generate a dynamic Construction Estimates from the BIM model. Thanks to the BoQ and Cost Estimating features that are directly integrated in Edificius, each variation of a BIM entity corresponds to a dynamic update of the measurement data and therefore the project’s total cost.

Edificius (our BIM authoring for Architecture) has also evolved with even more power and great tools including Heritage BIM.

Edificius is now the first BIM software that integrates Real Time Rendering with Ray Tracing and BIM design to produce photorealistic renderings of architectural design ideas in a matter of a few seconds, while continuing to work in the BIM Modelling process.

Moreover, it has a revisited Real Time rendering environment (based on Unreal 4) with Real Time Raytracing and DLSS/FSR image upscaling (respectively Nvidia and AMD GPU technologies) to improve renders quality even more.

Thanks to a partnership with AMD and Radeon ProRender in Edificius, we implemented Radeon ProRender II earlier this year allowing our users to generate spectacular ArchViz output with super-high resolutions in under 3 minutes – Improved artificial lighting effects, better memory management and overall performance too.


Edificius allows the AEC role player (Architect, Engineer, Contractor) make the most of all the advantages deriving from integrated architectural BIM design. Dynamic integration with SketchUp and Blender to model free form solids or import and export BIM models in the Building Smart IFC format.

IFC is the “common” file format (industry foundation classes), that allows all team designers (architectural, structural engineer, plant engineer, etc.) to exchange their BIM models even when using different BIM design solutions. Edificius, with its IFC 2×3 import/export tools, is compliant with the Coordination View 2.0 certification issued by Building SMART and already getting ready for full compliance with IFC 4.

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usBIM – the cloud BIM management system

Among the fundamental aspects in the daily work of architects, engineers, design and construction companies, there’s also a great part that involves planning, model management and activity coordination.

With this in mind, ACCA software has been strongly focused on developing an integrated cloud-based BIM management system with an entire ecosystem of plugins and applications to manage large construction and infrastructure projects online from any device and from anywhere.

Managing IFC, Revit, DWG, DXF, GIS, point cloud files couldn’t be easier to coordinate design, execution or maintenance teams in real time across the entire BIM process and construction projects sharing site management documents or maintenance data throughout the building’s lifecycle, regardless of the file formats, data types, location or the kind of device being used.

Quickly solve issues with online video calls and desktop sharing functions or even deal with your construction project estimates and quantity surveying data, while collaborating with your team members with a simple browser without needing any installed software.

Improve collaboration with a fully integrated online messaging and video meetings service to access data, documents and models instantly with easy-to-use search functions. Access, view and analyse information stored within the system with the guarantee of synchronising up to date project resources across to all stakeholders.

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Essentially, the core products, Edificius and the usBIM cloud ecosystem of tools and plugins, have truly contributed to making the BIM philosophy a global success and to promoting the digital construction industry as a central role player in the development of key concepts and strategic economic policies, such as efficient infrastructures, cities and smart homes, improving the quality of project deliverables at all levels, customer satisfaction, and the general image of the industry by cutting unnecessary costs and drastically increasing productivity in an ever more competitive world.

All ACCA software’s solutions come with a highly convenient Pay-As-You-Go monthly or multi-year license subscription plans, fully supported by an extensive and interactive library of FREE video tutorials, a dedicated technical support team, training platforms, discussion forums and software maintenance all included.