Aquobex Ltd – World Class Flood Protection Solutions


Aquobex offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge flood protection solutions for architects and property specifiers.

Providers of flood protection solutions, our experts will support your inspirational designs or your price driven projects with effective holistic solutions.

Examples range from zero-threshold flood doors through automatic barriers to innovative drainage solutions.


Aquobex’s solutions

Aquobex’s range of flood protection solutions for architects and property specifiers are trusted by insurers, property owners and government bodies.

Product solutions include…

  • Flood proof fire escape doors
  • Zero-threshold flood doors
  • Heritage flood doors and barriers
  • Self-operating, hidden flood barriers
  • Flood proof glass walls
  • Manual flood barriers for doors, windows, air bricks & meter boxes
  • Flood proof windows
  • Flood proof kitchens, walls and floors
  • Temporary flood barriers
  • Sustainable & maintenance-free drainage solutions

Aquobex flood protection products

Recent projects include a bank HQ in Oman, nuclear power plants in France, UK defence sites, and several Blue-Chip companies in London.

Aquobex solutions are derived from research and understanding of how building components react under flood conditions. This enables us to help you specify flood resilient interiors, repairs and comprehensive installation guidelines.

Our consultants can provide support through data sheets, CAD and BIM to supplement your designs and early planning applications


The aim of Aquobex

Even in the early days of forming Aquobex back in 2010 we knew we wanted to position our company to stand out from the crowd.

We already knew we couldn’t achieve our ambitions on our own so we had already embarked on an ambitious party channel programme to attract the best-in-class products and services we needed to fulfil our customer’s needs.

An important part of our plans was to set out our business model which we decided would be a completely outsourced model. Only keeping in-house the things we are really good at – sales, marketing and technology

From this and some important input from the Design Council we established the 7-step process.

Aquobex for Flood Protection

This important process enables us and our partners to offer a consultative sales approach to our customers that takes in all aspects of our understanding of each flood risk, from IDENTIFYING THE RISK, through MITIGATING THE RISK to INSURING THE RESIDUAL RISK.

This approach leaves us “product agnostic” as we are only ever supply solutions (regardless of whether we make them or buy them in) that meet the criteria established through this process.

They must all address the criteria thrown up through the early stage questioning….

  • What is the flood type?
  • How is the building constructed?
  • What are the people issues?
  • What is the budget?

And the answer is a solution that is fully independent, guaranteed, accredited and most importantly insurable.

All design integrity rests with Aquobex and if you follow our advice on flood resistance (keeping the water out) and flood resilience (recover the property as quickly and economically as possible) we GUARANTEE you will be back in your property in 4 weeks.

Aquobex solutions are designed well, installed only by accredited installers and backed up by robust warranties.


Further information:

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Flood Safety Doors


Heritage Floodguards

Data Sheets:

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User Guides:

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Case Studies:

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Essex County Council




Aquobex Flood Protection

As part of our growth Aquobex are pleased to announce our partnership with MA Assist.

This new partnership will allow Aquobex to install solutions across the whole of the UK with local and regional partners experienced in addressing the needs of residential and commercial property owners alike.

An important part of this relationship will be our ability to offer affordable maintenance contracts to our customers that was not always possible with our widespread installer partners. This will bring increased reassurance to our customers that their products will remain serviceable long after the original warranty period has passed.