Autodesk Construction Cloud


Autodesk Construction Cloud brings together some of the most powerful construction management software products in the industry to help your project

Since its earliest days, Autodesk has driven innovation in the built environment.

From early inception, Autodesk led the architecture and engineering professions from paper design to CAD and then took the industry from 2D design to data-rich 3D models. And now, we enter the third phase: connected construction.

The status quo of building puts critical data in silos, prevents collaboration and leads to delays, risk and costly rework. Given these challenges, no one has delivered on the true promise of unified constriction from design through turnover and operations.

The industry needs better solutions. Ways to seamlessly connect data all the way from the earliest phases of design, through planning and construction and long into the operations phase. Builders also need better information in order to connect with the right partners, building relationships that will deliver high-quality work with minimal drama.

Autodesk delivers the tools to achieve this: solutions that reduce risk, help deliver projects faster and drive a more sustainable, safe and efficient industry.

With AssembleBIM 360BuildingConnected and PlanGrid, Autodesk brings together the most powerful portfolio of construction management software products in the industry.

It now supports workflows spanning all phases of construction, from design to planning, to building, to operations in a way no other company can.

Autodesk Construction Solutions’ mission is to help teams meet the world’s rapidly expanding building and infrastructure needs, while making construction more predictable, safe and sustainable.

Autodesk Construction Cloud is the first step in realising this mission.

You can learn more about the new era of connected construction here.

As one of PBC Today’s highly-regarded stakeholders, Autodesk offers unmatched insight into the built environment, from the latest construction software updates to case studies and sector-leading observations.

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