Automist – Intelligent Fire Suppression from Plumis


Automist by Plumis is an award-winning fire suppression system, designed for cost efficient construction of modular homes

A contemporary alternative to traditional sprinklers, Automist detects fire earlier and activates faster, delivering better outcomes for people and property; from improved life safety to reduced post-activation water damage.

Flexible Installation

As Automist is a pre-engineered, modular system, more of the installation work can be completed in the factory – following appropriate training – reducing costs and the need for specialist contractors.

On site connection and commissioning are easy too, as Automist is a dry pipe system using flexible hoses, so joins between modules can be installed seamlessly.

Using ten times less water than a traditional sprinkler, Automist connects to the normal domestic water mains, removing water supply uncertainty on site. It doesn’t require a tank or pump room, saving valuable space.

Automist can also be installed completely on site by an Authorised Installer, with the modular builder making good, to complete the property.

Why we decided to rethink the sprinkler

Fire sprinklers have remained fundamentally unchanged since they were invented in the 19th Century. We developed Automist because we believed they could be better: operate faster, be more reliable and cause much less damage when they activate.

Automist has been shown to operate up to two minutes before a traditional sprinkler for some fires – minimising the build-up of toxic smoke and tackling fires before they can grow. You can see Automist in action here.

Effective at tackling gas, oil and electrical fires, Automist can even tackle difficult concealed fires. Electronically activated by multi-sensor detectors, Automist can detect slow growing smouldering fires, long before they generate the heat required to activate a traditional frangible bulb sprinkler.

Early activation and the unique properties of watermist, help to maintain survivable conditions, reducing the build-up of toxic gas and smoke, the biggest killers in domestic fires, and giving occupants valuable extra time to escape or be rescued.

Exceptional fire performance using 90% less water

Automist uses 90% less water than traditional sprinklers, and needs just 8 litres per minute, removing water supply uncertainty on site. There’s no need for a tank or pump room, saving valuable space.

Independently tested to confirm it meets the fire performance requirements of BS 8458, Automist is LABC Assured and is suitable for use as an alternative to sprinklers in a range of domestic and residential applications. It can be used to meet building regulations and as an elective upgrade to improve fire protection.

Trusted in more than 10,000 properties

Automist is already trusted in more than 10,000 properties, from individual homes to large social and sheltered housing schemes.

As well as being ideal for offsite construction, Automist can be easily and cost-effectively installed or retrofitted in buildings constructed traditionally.  You can see where Automist has been installed here.

If you would like your homes to include industry-leading intelligent fire suppression, designed to detect fire earlier and activate faster, we’d be delighted to discuss options and to show you Automist in action.