BAFE – UK fire protection certification


BAFE is the independent, not for profit, third party certification registration body for quality in the UK fire protection industry. All BAFE registered companies are third party certified in specific areas of fire protection by UKAS accredited Certification Bodies using BAFE developed schemes.

BAFE provides end users, such as appointed responsible persons and property managers, with an easy method of finding third party certified fire protection companies.

All UK fire legislation can be found online and states what provisions need to be in place for all non-domestic properties. Once an organisation has established a quality fire safety policy, it’s every bit as important that this policy is then regularly updated and the systems maintained. Fire extinguishers must be serviced regularly. Fire detection and alarm/emergency lighting systems have to be maintained and tested, while the all-important fire risk assessment must be reviewed and updated whenever there’s a change to the building or the purpose of a given room or space is altered. All of these provisions are accountable by the responsible person.

For more information on BAFE please visit or alternatively you can contact the BAFE office at or 0844 335 0897.