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    BBS Building Control

    BBS Building Control is a leading Corporate Approved Inspector approved by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) for providing Building Control services on all types of construction projects.

    Our client-focused services include early design advice, detailed plan and structural checking and site inspections tailored to each individual projects construction programme.

    We work in partnership with clients and designers providing consistency and dedicated support across all your projects, wherever they are located. We are not selective over schemes we are involved with, if you are designing, building or developing then we will provide Building Control. Local delivery through our network of regional offices and qualified surveying teams support you throughout the process.

    BBS Building Control Surveyors have extensive experience in all types of scheme and building uses. Our services range from domestic extensions through industrial/commercial buildings to new dwellings and multi-storey apartments and large mixed-use developments.

    Inevitably Building Control is increasingly linked to Sustainability and Environmental requirements. BBS Environmental services complement and combine with our Building Control service to provide you with a co-ordinated approach.

    Our competitive fees, tailored services and dedicated Building Control Surveyors, provide significant benefits for our clients.

    BBS Environmental

    BBS Environmental is a leading provider of Construction Environmental assessment methodologies, offering a complete range of EcoHomes and BREEAM assessments.

    These areas are complemented with fully accredited staff to complete SAP and SBEM calculations from early design stage to the issuing of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).

    All SBEM calculations are achieved via the full thermal modelling method. As a result we offer extensive design assistance, maximising building performance for the end user.

    Our in depth knowledge of sustainable and energy saving issues links directly with planning application advice thus providing a comprehensive service for clients, designers and developers.

    The unrivalled expertise of our Environmental Consultancy supporting the Approved Inspector role through BBS Building Control, provides clients with a unique opportunity of complying with their regulatory requirements all under one roof.

    BBS Site Services

    BBS Health & Safety Services provides core services to complement BBS Environmental and BBS Building Control. Drawing on the considerable knowledge and experience of our in-house specialists we can add invaluable enhancement to our other services.

    BBS site Services can help you comply with your respective duties under the CDM Regulations 2015

    BBS Site Services will continue to provide CDM services using the experience gained by our knowledgeable staff. BBS has provided CDM related services across a broad spectrum of construction sectors and will continue to do so by offering:-

    Client CDM Advisor

    The provision of a construction health and safety advisory service to the Client, assisting them in fulfilling their role. I.e. assisting with the Clients’ brief; selection process; ensuring relevant surveys are commissioned; collation of relevant pre-construction information and making sure it is communicated to all roles; ensuring relevant management arrangements are in place and remain relevant (Site audits); undertake construction phase plan review; manage the notification process; ensure principal designer and contractor comply with their duties; manage the production and issue of the Health and Safety File.

    Principal Designer Advisor

    The provision of Principal Designer consultancy services to designers appointed as Principal Designer i.e. providing the above services as a nominated sub-consultant to another designer with control over the pre-construction who will be appointed as the “Principal Designer” to fulfil the Principal Designer role on their behalf.

    Contractors CDM Advisor

    The provision of construction advisor to Contractors/Principal Contractors working for Domestic Clients. i.e assisting them fulfil the Client duties as described above and assist them with the preparation and production of construction phase plan (required for all construction projects including domestic client work); fire plans; risk assessments; method statements; assisting with their legal requirement to provide information, instruction, training and supervision, assisting with workers training needs and assessing against the needs of the job and employers to meet the gap in skills and knowledge through appropriate training.

    A copy of the HSE Draft Guidance on The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 can be viewed and downloaded from our Technical Documents page.

    Party Wall Surveying

    BBS Party Wall Services provide simple and cost-effective ways of dealing with building works which impact on Party Walls and adjacent structures for all types of construction projects – whether for individuals, building companies or major nationwide developers.

    The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 sets out how such projects are to be managed, whether this is a simple extension to a house, the construction of a large block of flats or development works of any kind. All neighbours have to be informed of your intention to carry out works and usually, their consent is required.

    The BBS Party Wall service can take you through the process from beginning to end providing professional advice and the required documents. Our surveyors in this field are Chartered Surveyors and members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors.

    What is a party wall?

    The main types of Party Walls are:

    • A wall that stands on the lands of two (or more) owners and forms part of a building – this wall can be part of one building only or separate buildings belonging to different owners.
    • A wall that stands on the lands of two owners but does not form part of a building, such as a garden wall but not including timber fences.
    • A wall that is on one owner’s land but is used by two (or more) owners to separate their buildings.

    The Act also uses the expression ‘party structure’. This could be a wall or floor partition or other structure separating buildings or parts of buildings in different ownership, such as in flats. For all these type of works you will need to serve a Party Wall Notice.

    What other notices are required under the Act?

    If you plan to

    • excavate, or excavate for and construct foundations for a new building or structure, within 3 metres of any part of a neighbouring owner’s building or structure, where any part of that work will go deeper than the neighbour’s foundations excavate, or
    • excavate for and construct foundations for a new building or structure, within 6 metres of any part of a neighbouring owner’s building or structure, where any part of that work will meet a line drawn downwards at 45° in the direction of the excavation from the bottom of the neighbour’s foundations,

    you must inform the Adjoining Owner or owners by serving a 3m notice or 6m notice.

    In addition if you plan to build a party wall or party fence wall astride or against the boundary line, you must inform the Adjoining Owner by serving a notice. However, there is no right to build astride the boundary without your neighbour’s consent in writing.