BC Solutions from GroupBC – Supporting project teams to deliver on digital


BC Solutions from GroupBC addresses your projects needs and offers the smartest choice for team collaboration and construction information control

Delivering complex projects can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools for the job. That challenge is further compounded when delivering a project in collaboration with an extended client, design, construction and supply chain team.

The volume and velocity of information at differing revision and approval status can rapidly spiral out of control. This introduces an administrative overhead to the project and impacts margin. Left unchecked, a worst-case scenario is that it could lead to missing information and lost claims.

BC Solutions allow you to address the needs of assignments / tasks utilising BC Projects, or extend to organisational wide project use with BC Enterprise.  As you mature in your digital information capabilities, BC can flex to fit your project requirements, offering the smartest choice for team collaboration and construction information control.


  • Supports simple and secure cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration across your organisation to support growth
  • Secure, ring-fenced solution giving peace of mind and control over your project
  • Data at your fingertips, no matter if you are in the office on your laptop, or on-site using a mobile device


  • Secure access to project information, ideal for a single project, joint venture or larger, complex projects
  • Drives users through your document transmittal and approvals process
  • Ensures teams work to BS1192, PAS1192 or other required standards supporting your best practice method for the organisation and management of information


  • For companies starting their BIM journey we can offer a solution with simple folders and document control through to full BIM Level 2 compliance
  • Delivering further capabilities to support those more advanced in their BIM adoption, BC Projects has extensive features to capture asset information for assured asset handover

Demonstrating BIM compliance

In 2016 the UK government mandated that public funded projects should be delivered using BIM Level 2 standards. BC Projects supports BIM as an option, streamlining your delivery of BS1192 / PAS1192 projects, helping to ensure you are compliant and don’t miss out on these valuable opportunities.


Customers include Align JV, Balfour Beatty, Costain, Mackley, Jarvis, Highways England, Sainsbury’s and Thames Water. Read more about the benefits to our customers

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