BeCyberSure is an integrated, risk based, cost justified, ‘Information Security’ plan which makes sure that not only our clients’ digital and physical defences are best in class but also that there is in place a governance regime which includes, as standard, well thought out, exercised, resilience measures, crisis management and disaster recovery aspects.

This ensures that our clients will be well positioned to identify, block, eject and mitigate the effects of a breach and get back to doing business as quickly as possible.

BeCyberSure Mission Statement

Our Mission is to help you to handle increasing cyber security risk in a sensible and proportionate way. We cannot guarantee that you won’t be attacked but we can help reduce the risk by adopting realistic counter-measures and provide support if you are attacked.

Clients Trust in our Executive Team

With so many cyber security firms, all claiming exceptional levels of expertise, it is important to be confident with who you are dealing with and that they are able to meet your company needs and understand your individual expectations.

At Becybersure, we have some of the best names in the industry with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience that spans international borders and industry sectors. Our team incorporates professionals who understand the threats to business and specialists who are able to continually evaluate and pro-actively protect your cyber security.




We offer our subscribers a network security monitor that leverages a completely new database architecture to deliver the most flexible monitoring system available on the market today.

This award winning solution will collect, correlate and report on all data types within a single system. It enables the subscriber to monitor security, performance, vulnerability, availability, asset and much, much more. The network security monitor can be installed onsite or monitored on behalf of the subscriber by BeCyberSure.


Monitoring systems tend not to be able to handle data from different data sources, mainly because they are usually designed to work on relational databases. This seriously limits their capabilities and leaves them having to manage and update firmware, OS and applications on supported devices. A troublesome exercise which usually requires manual intervention or the use of ad hoc scripts, both of which add considerable cost. For these reasons, many don’t bother.

The variety of potential attack vectors and actors grow exponentially and is now beyond the point where sufficient intelligence can be gathered from log data alone and a SOC needs more than just a SIEM system to deliver the level of situational awareness and forensic analysis needed in current threat environments. In order to analyse the cause (log or SIEM) and the effect (availability and performance) and the event specifics (config, asset, flow and file) of a security event, operators need maximum configurability and this just isn’t possible using multiple systems.


The solution we offer combines a unique database architecture and a ubiquitous data collector which provides functionality across multiple monitored products in a single configurable system, enabling:

  • Collection of any data from any device on the network
  • Cross-database correlation
  • Creation and editing of tabs, dashboards and charts
  • Built-in incident management systems
  • Forensic analysis at rapid speed
  • Comprehensive and customisable reports



A work-flow based product which allows users to track manual and technical controls in the same system. It gathers and manages all of the information in such a way that you can successfully track attestations, evidence and technical audit data across all policies.


Compliance is an increasing burden for all businesses. For larger businesses it can become an expensive chore. For smaller businesses, it can quickly become a barrier to entry. The solutions currently available tend to be “control-based”, that is to comply with a series of control criteria which are set by whoever set the standard.

The challenge is frequently to understand exactly the language used to describe the ‘Controls’ and then to determine what evidence is required to prove compliance to an auditor. Frequently, there is a necessity to manage more than one compliance regime and more than one auditor.


Our solution is based on an intuitive, customisable, portal-based system which can either be installed on-site or hosted by BeCyberSure. Multiple contributors, including external third-party supply chain correspondents, can log in to answer questions and upload evidence. In addition a data collector can audit devices automatically for technical controls. This enables collection for:

  • Attestations – answer questions and upload physical evidence
  • Assessment – questionnaires and surveys
  • Auditing – of devices to capture date for technical control

This service will automate approximately 50% of most compliance monitoring processes, saving users considerable time, effort and money.


Security on a system which includes direct participation from third-party suppliers is paramount. For this reason, all key functionality is linked to role-based access control so that segregation of contributors is assured. All data is 256-bit AES encrypted and has application layer protection.