Excitech – technology solutions for the construction industry


Excitech provide technology solutions and services for the construction sector for the entire building lifecycle from design to maintenance

Established in 1985, Excitech are the largest Autodesk Platinum Partner in the UK specialising in the construction sector and have accreditations with leading technology vendors such as Microsoft, Dell, HP and many more.

More than just software

We provide technology solutions and services for the construction sector, supporting the complete project lifecycle from design through to construction, building handover and maintenance.

The file sizes and the need to share very large data sets across multiple locations in the construction sector means that the IT and networking infrastructure has to be capable of supporting these challenges. Workstations and laptops need to be of the highest performance and capacity, and document management has to be capable of managing multiple iterations of, in some cases, many thousands of files across many companies on a single project.

As a result, we developed expertise in software, consultancy, training and support, IT, Document Management and Facilities Management solutions, to deliver a complete service for an effective CAD and modelling environment.

Our training is further complemented by a team of experienced project consultants who work with our customers to develop and implement the underlying processes, collaboration standards and workflows necessary to realise the benefits of BIM adoption.

Operational Development

Adopting new software, workflows, standards and processes is challenging for any organisation. Our primary objective is to help our customers maximise the return they get from their technology investments. Whether it’s bringing new people on-board or enriching the skills of existing staff, we help our customers maximise the impact of their design tools and nurture a motivated and productive workforce.

We pride ourselves in building close working partnerships with our customers based on mutual trust, going the extra mile and extensive sector knowledge. Our purpose is to enable our customers to take advantage of the role that technology can play in achieving their own business goals and help them take advantage of the latest advances. We are proud of the fact that many of our early customers still remain customers today, with many of them having been with us for over 20 years.

We don’t build ordinary relationships with our customers; we build partnerships that stand the test of time.