Fast, easy, real-time architectural visualization tool


Twinmotion is an intuitive, high-quality real-time architectural visualization tool used by architects and designers to transform BIM or CAD models into high-quality images, panoramas, standard or 360° VR videos, and complete client presentations in seconds!

Combining an intuitive icon-driven interface with the power of Unreal Engine, Twinmotion offers architecture, construction, urban planning, and landscaping professionals a fast, easy, and fun way to produce stunning visualizations and immersive experiences.

Key features

Unprecedented real-time quality

View and edit your scene in real time at the same high quality as the final rendering. Twinmotion features realistic physically based lighting and shadowing with built-in global illumination, includes over 600 PBR materials that react to your environment, and offers effects like depth of field, lens flare, and vignetting, making it easy to get the look you need.

Incredibly easy to learn and use

Regardless of your project’s complexity or your previous CG experience, Twinmotion’s simple and intuitive interface makes it a breeze to learn and use. Drag and drop lights, materials, and props; change the season, the weather, or the time of day by simply dragging a slider; enjoy smart assets like doors that automatically open and foliage that blows in the wind.

Seamless integration with your data pipeline

Twinmotion supports files from all major CAD, BIM, and modeling solutions, and offers direct one-click synchronization with ARCHICAD, Revit, SketchUp Pro, RIKCAD, and Rhino. Plus, you can take your Twinmotion project to the next level in Unreal Engine, further refining it with advanced behaviors, animations, and best-in-class rendering features.

Extensive high-quality asset library

Breathe life into your scene with props, sounds, animated humans and animals, and even can grow from saplings to maturity, just by dragging and dropping from Twinmotion’s extensive library. Plus, get direct access to thousand of highest-quality 3D assets from Quixel Megascans, the world’s largest library of 3D scans.

Architecture’s go-to visualization tool

More and more AEC professionals are turning to Twinmotion’s quick and easy visualization workflows. Here are a small handful of the latest converts.

SHAU explores design concepts for tropical buildings

From sensitively designed Microlibraries to light-filled performing arts centers, SHAU turns to Twinmotion’s fast real-time workflows to communicate bold ideas, explore concepts, and iterate on designs. Find out more.

KPF builds and shares design experiences with Twinmotion

Architectural firm KPF leverages Twinmotion’s new features, Presenter Cloud and Bridge to Unreal Engine, to quickly share and iterate with both designers and clients. Take a look.

Zaha Hadid Architects turns to Twinmotion for early design studies

One of the world’s most famous architectural firms now uses Twinmotion to quickly explore early design ideas and easily review projects from anywhere via the cloud. Check it out.

A virtual clone of Adelaide for digital twin and smart city applications

Aerometrex creates a 3D model of the entire city of Adelaide, using a combination of photogrammetry data captured via helicopters and real-time archviz tool Twinmotion. Read more.

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