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Why BIM?

In more advanced usage of BIM we talk about the concept of Product Models that even further improve data management and quality of the information and increases control of all processes. BIM is short for Building Information Model and as such a lot of emphasis should be put on the word information. From this central Building Information Model or product model, architects and consultants can work together, share data, check for inconsistencies, clashes and better work together. All drawings are basically an automatic output from the information model; all plans, sections & elevations are generated automatically and are kept updated all the time.

BIM models can also be used for estimations and a bill of materials can be generated. Automatic door and window schedules, as with room lists are generated. It all allows for more focus on the actual design part for the architect.

More and more tools allow for more advanced calculations and simulations, like sunlight and shadows, energy and carbon dioxide, airflow and sound simulations. This creates a higher demand on the OBJECTS in the model that Architects and Engineers use to populate their BIM model with. Very quickly you come to a point where manufacturers actual product specific data, is crucial to be able to generate the correct visualisation, functional analysis and accurate calculations of energy.

What is a BIM object?

In our world a BIM object is an information container (repository) that holds all critical information about a building productdesigned and manufactured by a company or brand. The objects are viewable and visible on the web and can be downloaded for any BIM software and used by the Architect or Engineer throughout the whole design, documentation and construction process.

The BIMobject® Cloud

The BIMobject® Cloud is an internet based central database holding all BIM object information and BIM files. 

The BIMobject® Cloud is built in a way that we search engine optimize every product that is published on the portal since we use permalinks and every product gets a unique url. The portal only contains products from real manufacturers, we don’t publish generic components or BIM components that represent products that are discontinued. We always work in close cooperation with every manufacturer.

The BIMobject® Cloud also host branded web catalogues – Private Clouds that allow manufacturers to have their own branded site as well as all BIM objects can be used in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Houzz. We also allow other building information portals to retrieve the objects through web services, both the possibility to query the server for an XML catalogue but also the ability to integrate the products as iframe’d BIMobject®, this is called Channels.

BIMobject® Apps

The BIMobject® Apps are available for SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD and AutoCAD and are completely free to download and use, all you have to do is register at

All our apps integrate the BIMobject® Cloud directly into your program of choice so you can browse, filter and download BIM objects to your project without switching between windows. Go ahead and download the app of your choice to access thousands of real objects from real manufacturers.

BIManalytics® Pro

A complete SaaS cloud solution for market analysis and pre-sales intelligence

Every product published on the BIMobject® Cloud is tracked to record activity by user and this information can be presented in a variety of ways. This makes it easy for marketing to see download hot-spots, identify which marketing campaigns are working best, review performance by country, area or user, and, most importantly, be able to measure the return on investment from their BIM content.

Ultimately the aim is to provide sales staff with the means and information to engage and assess the value of sales opportunities before their use of a CRM system, like SAP or Salesforce. Sales staff, either in the manufacturer or their distribution channel, can be provided with access to BIManalytics® so they can retrieve information about individual users or at an aggregated level, by area, country, region, etc.

BIManalytics® Pro include the BIMmail message center where staff can view, send and reply messages to registered users on the BIMobject® Cloud. Each BIManalytics® Pro system has a common message center, to enable several people to work in the same system and share information.

BIManalytics® Pro offers an experimental tool that is included for free, the use of Google X Web GL, a 3D earth representation and plotting of all downloads for a quick analysis and visual overview. The system also include the BIManalytics® App for the CRM system Salesforce. This will help sales staff to use BIManalytics® from inside their CRM tool. More integrations like these will follow on demand or as custom development upon request, please contact your local sales representative for further information.

BIMobject® Hercules

BIMobject® Hercules is a cloud solution for large companies to develop, organise, structure, standardise and manage their own BIM objects and to publish and syndicate these in a controlled way to project groups anywhere in the world.

Content Management solution

Hercules provides a cloud based content management solution to support digital construction. It is aimed for the contracting, construction, consultant and architectural companies to manage and control their BIM content in a cloud based environment, allowing thousands of users to share the same BIM content.

Platform as a service

Hercules has been developed as a platform and is an integrated part of the BIMobject Cloud. It enables companies to self-manage an extensive range of BIM content including documentation, CAD files and BIM objects and to have a singel source of truth, version handling, structured data, support for languages and various classification systems.

Easy to use

As a Cloud solution BIMobject® Hercules is available from any location on any device through a web browser or from within CAD/BIM packages through our Apps. It is an easy, proven way to publish objects and information to project specific user groups. Existing manufacturer specific objects already available in the Public Cloud can be linked into the Project Clouds by the project owner. It makes it easier and faster to enable access to high-quality BIM objects controlled by the owner.


The platform is extremely scalable with various user roles and cloud Apps. Project Owners can upload their own proprietary corporate BIM objects to various Project Clouds, then attach different property sets like COBie. With user groups the owner can deploy these into the internal organisation or to external design teams.

Includes BIMobject Cloud Apps

  • BIManalytics® provides information for the central organisation about usage, downloads and versions.
  • BOPC™ delivers huge flexibility in Property Data Management.
  • Mosquito allows development of BIM objects in a web browser.
  • Project Clouds are secure, project based micro sites with user control.
  • Product Administration enables cloud-based management of users, groups, clouds, content and Apps.
  • Direct BIM system integration; Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, AutoCAD.


Hercules runs under SSL which means that sensitive data is encrypted. Hercules enables organisations to exercise complete control over their BIM objects including which users can access Project Clouds to use objects. Changes of data within objects can be monitored through an automatic audit trail.

BIMobject® BOPC™

BIMobject® Open Property Cloud, BOPC™, sets future standards for extended properties, also known as parameters, meta data or attributes. It allows the manufacturer to add properties such as classification systems in a smart way.

Integrates standards into objects

A BOPC™ system sets future standards such as standardised classification systems for properties and clarifies to the market who owns the information in an easy and practical way.

Additional property sets

A BOPC can be used for additional properties in objects. Advanced users can add hidden properties to objects to drive logistics and purchasing at a later stage in the BIM-process.

COBie compliant

COBie is the UK classification which is needed to make objects compliant for the government. Government required data can be dynamically loaded into objects via BIMobject Apps such as Operation and Maintenance properties. Importantly any future classification system for any country can be added in this way.

Multiple property sets

It is possible to create several property sets within one cloud, that as an example can define information about operations and maintenance, specifications and sustainability.

Settings for limited access

A BOPC can be open to all users or limited to a defined group. An owner of a BOPC can create unique user groups, to limit access to the information, for instance a design team. It can also be public or project related.
Connected to Mosquito™

A BOPC can be used in development of new objects when using Mosquito or other BIM-creating software. This allows anyone with a license to create and publish BIM objects with integrated standards in minutes.

BIMobject® Mosquito™

The technology of Mosquito™ allows anyone with a license to create BIM objects directly in the Cloud platform and to publish them in minutes to the world.

Online object development

Our new technology is a world first which allows developers, partners and manufacturers to create BIM objects directly in the cloud. It is easy to use and you don’t need any prior knowledge of any CAD or BIM software to create BIM content.

  • No need to download any software
  • No installations required
  • Runs on any web browser supporting Web-GL

Add property sets and values instantly

The Mosquito™ technology will support BOPC™ (BIMobject Open Property Clouds) to enable more information and properties added to the object at the time of creation or later downstream in the process with the BIMobject® Apps.

Bulk upload for mass creation of objects

The bulk upload feature enables interaction with external databases, excel files can also be used to mass produce large quantities of objects automatically from external datasources such as PIM systems.

Build objects on geometry of templates

Mosquito will be continuously developed to enable more object types both originating from geometric shapes and also templates for more advanced 3D geometry.

Support ArchiCAD & Sketchup

The Mosquito technology will automatically create native files for ArchiCAD and SketchUp. Support for Autodesk Revit and IFC is coming soon.

Web-GL 3D

The technology is using Web-GL to give the user a live 3D representation of the object that is under construction directly in the web browser. Parameters like height, width and depth are the basis for the 3D geometry and all properties available for the product will be added to the final BIM object.


Add any image to represent a surface, for example a mosaiq, textile, whitegoods or ceramics.

BIMobject® BIMscript® & LENA

BIMscript® and LENA is a technology and a solution designed to streamline and accelerate the process of BIM content creation. This delivers both an open and freely available scripting language as well as a BIM object authoring solution.

Powerful scripting language

BIMscript includes not only parametric behaviors but also calculations, product logic, level of detail (with several levels of complexity of geometry and geometry combinations) and includes a huge range of properties and attributes.

Import mechanical CAD geometry

LENA is an authoring app for the mechanical 3D CAD system Rhino that will generate BIMscript. It is a solution in which mechanical CAD geometry can be imported from most mechanical CAD systems, including industry leading products like CATIA, Solidworks, SolidEdge, IGES, NX, JT, Inventor and Pro E. Rhino is the host platform for BIMobject® LENA in which BIMscript is generated and works in combination with the modeling and optimisation features of Rhino.

Generate native BIM objects

Operating in the cloud BIMscript generates intelligent, native BIM objects in a number of formats for the most popular BIM applications from Autodesk, Graphisoft, and Trimble with the potential for more in the future. It also generates objects in commonly used formats such as IFC, 3DS, DWG and WebGL.

Connected to BIMobject® Cloud

BIMobject® LENA is directly connected to the BIMobject® Cloud providing a seamless workflow to publish objects and includesconnection to the corresponding product information stored in property sets in the BIMobject Cloud.

Scalable and intelligent

The solution is scalable and can describe products as well as components in a very intelligent way, creating configurable objects with parametric variations and different levels of detail. BIMscript is a subset of the C programming language and enables smart objects to be created in BIMobject® LENA and then hosted and managed in the BIMobject® Cloud.

Easy to use

BIMobject® LENA requires the developer to have a commercial license of Rhino 3D and an accreditation from BIMobject® before it can be used. BIMobject® LENA is very easy to use and within it all syntax controls, testing and creation of the generated BIMscript takes place. The technology is freely available and will be enhanced continuously.