Buildoffsite is a membership organisation with members from a wide range of UK and international client, supply, professional services and academic organisations

Buildoffsite is a UK based business organisation that promotes:

  • Increased use of offsite methods across all sectors of the UK construction market;
  • Innovation in the development of offsite solutions;
  • More effective promotion of business and project benefits by offsite solution suppliers;
  • Improved understanding by clients and suppliers of the benefits of offsite solutions;
  • Education and skills development in the use of offsite solutions;
  • Debate, discussion and knowledge transfer relating to the use of offsite solutions.

The Buildoffsite Strategy is to create and sustain an organisation and a dynamic work programme that will both support increased awareness of offsite solutions and the increased value these can enable, and also challenge the offsite supply side to improve and promote the value of their solutions.


A recognition across the construction industry that offsite solutions offer opportunities to improve project quality, deliver increased value, improve productivity and support a more sustainable industry.


To maintain a Membership base and a sustained partnership with leading industry organisations that will collectively work to bring about a step-change increase in understanding, use and exploitation of offsite solutions in all construction markets.


  • Championing offsite construction and working with key stakeholders to bring about faster change
  • Promoting Client pull through increased awareness raising of the proven benefits of offsite solutions
  • Challenging the supply side to improve their engagement with clients, designers and constructors, to understand their project needs and to develop and promote solutions that will deliver exceptional value
  • Promoting membership of Buildoffsite and the development of the organisation and its work programme in support of the Mission.