Buildots: Digitising construction with ‘mission control’


Buildots is an innovative construction management platform created with the aim of providing the equivalent of a ‘mission control room’ for construction sites

Bringing together Artificial Intelligence (AI) and wearable hardware, Buildots construction management platform creates seamless construction process visibility and fully digitised construction workflows with the aim of optimising processes, minimising delays and avoiding budget overruns.

Replacing manual processes

The management of construction sites is a complex process. Construction projects often involve tens of thousands of elements and activities with hundreds of workers and different subcontractors attempting to follow the planned schedule. Under such complex conditions, the manual way in which these processes are currently tracked and coordinated, leads to a significant lack of credible and accurate information. As a direct result, productivity levels in the industry remain extremely low.

By creating an end-to-end digitised control centre solution for construction sites, Buildots addresses this problem. The cloud-based construction management platform uses AI and computer vision to automatically collect detailed, objective, and up-to-date data throughout a construction site.

The digital twin

The heart of the Buildots technology is its internal digital twin, which is the digital representation of the constructed building. The twin is initially created based on the BIM model (that is the building plans, together with the project’s planned schedule) and is updated throughout the project based on the Buildots reality capture and analysis process.

Through the algorithms of the solution, projects can analyse video footage against the original design model and project schedules to provide real-time and accurate visibility of the project’s current status. This enables seamless tracking of every phase of the construction process, and provides the on-site teams with all the data they need to:

  • Determine real time project status
  • Easily detect, track and manage partially completed activities
  • Identify the most urgent issues
  • Make use of objective evidence (images) to resolve potential disputes
  • Speed up their learning curve
  • Streamline commercial activities based on information collected and analysed.

Basically, data availability and analysis provided through Buildots system allows the construction team to make the right decisions at the right time.

Time to digitise

Buildots technology is a game-changer for the construction sector.  Digitising process management enables a significant improvement in the focus of managers’ attention, increased collaboration through data transparency and ultimately a huge leap forward in on-site productivity.



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