BuildSafe – Independent broker of structural warranties


BuildSafe is the UK’s largest independent broker of structural warranties. We help property professionals understand & navigate the warranty market while saving them time & up to 30%. We are trusted to deliver by some of the most well-regarded developers and housebuilders.

With new entrants into the market & existing underwriters filing for bankruptcy, the need for independent and impartial advice is of paramount importance when it comes to structural warranties.

We see our role as an independent advisor who reviews the merits of each policy to help you make well informed comparisons. We also save you time in procuring quotes, analysing and comparing quotes, and negotiating the commercials. In addition, we manage the warranty process throughout the build, handle the all-important inspections and key issuing of final certificates.

Our warranty scope caters for every eventuality including but not limited to New Build Warranty, Completed House Warranties, Commercial Warranties, Social Housing Warranties, Self-build Warranties, Conversion Warranties, Mixed-Use Developments and Retrospective Warranties.

Having recently expanded into the renewable insurance market, BuildSafe is now also able to offer construction/contractors all risk, contract works as well as liability insurance.

Our specialist brokers are also perfectly placed to source, negotiate and deliver an excellent development finance solution. Our finance division works with a number of principle development finance lenders to enable access to funds at competitive interest rates. Facilities available range from £100,000 up to £100,000,000+ in the right circumstances.

This ability to transcend both the insurance and finance markets enable our clients to benefit from independent and connected advice.

Helping clients save over 30% on Structural Warranty Insurance

As the leading specialist broker of building warranties, we use our position in the market to gain leverage with providers. This means we can generally gain more favourable terms than the market price and often help our clients save as much as over 30%.

It is essential to state that it’s always more cost-effective to take out insurance at the start of the project. Your warranty could very well become more expensive the longer you wait.  Rather than incurring higher surveyor fees, it is more cost-efficient to get each stage of the project signed off as it happens.

Can BuildSafe make my business more efficient?

The procurement of quotations is a time-consuming process. From form filling, providing documentation, chasing, reviewing and comparing terms, negotiating and finalising; we take the weight out of all of this for our clients allowing them to focus on actually developing their business.

Will I be paying more as you are a broker?

No. Our business is built on retention and referrals. It is essential to state that the insurer will release the same terms to us, as they would to you directly. We are able to use our position within the market to gain leverage with providers.

We are paid by the insurer for introducing the business to them and this cost is included in the price quoted.

How do I obtain a Structural Warranty at the Best Price?

  • Complete our online enquiry form
  • We provide the best quotes available in the market by comparing quotes from Structural Warranty providers
  • We will help you go through every policy and advise you on the most suitable one
  • Once you have decided on the policy, we arrange a contract and site inspection
  • We organise warranty certificates once building control have certified the development as complete

Why choose BuildSafe for your structural warranty needs?

BuildSafe’s experts have over 40 years’ of experience in the property sector so you can be assured that we’ll handle your building warranty with good care. All our warranties are recognised by the Council of Mortgage Lenders and are accepted by all High-street banks.

Our Consultants specialise in finding bespoke solutions for your project needs and work to provide the best independent advice possible. We regularly work with developers on project values ranging from £200,000 to £100,000,000, and our team have a wealth of experience in all types of development projects.