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Copronet provides digital solutions for a changing world – aiding digital construction from document sharing to project management

Construction is arguably the least digitised industry in Europe, even lagging behind agriculture. Copronet offers a range of affordable digital solutions that are as relevant to a small contractor as they are to international consultancies and contractors.

The company was founded with the belief that a digitally enabled industry would achieve greater productivity levels and better project outcomes for clients and contractors alike. And Copronet believes that technology should be readily available and not prohibitively priced.

Using much of the same core technology as is found in products such as Oracle Aconex, Procore, Viewpoint and other platforms, Copronet offers “end to end” solutions that can be used independently or as a suite of tools. And Copronet works on a month by month subscription model with no fixed term contracts.

Copronet solutions include:

Live Collaboration on drawings and documents

Covid-19 has changed the way we work for the foreseeable future. Virtual meetings and social distancing present numerous challenges for the construction industry:

  • Design teams will have to discuss proposals remotely
  • Construction teams will not be able to huddle over a plan in the site office
  • Pre-application meetings will not take place and proposals will be discussed electronically.
Copronet solves these issues:
  • Design teams can view and mark up drawings live in conjunction with Zoom or a phone call
  • Everyone can see comments and annotations
  • Live collaboration with the specialists speeds up the design process
  • Version control ensures contractors on site can view current drawings on laptops, phones or ipads
  • Email interoperability.

Document management

Construction has historically been hugely dependant on paper and offline communications with dominant technologies being Excel, Outlook and Dropbox. This is a cumbersome way of working that slows down communication and leads to errors as email updates are often overlooked or missed.

Copronet removes much of the administrative burden and gives the user a secure digital filing cabinet to store and share drawings and documentation:

  • Intelligent and customisable folder and file structures
  • Permission based team sharing
  • “Cradle to grave” solution from design through to handover, occupation and management
  • High security and encryption to protect intellectual property
  • Powerful search function across folders, files, text, metadata and notes/ comments
  • Email interoperability.

Project management

Creating and communicating a project programme to a widespread and diverse team is challenging. The Copronet Gantt based solution enables timely monitoring, management and communication:

  • Allocate tasks to specific team members
  • Discussions linked to tasks for audit purposes to minimise mistakes
  • Dependencies highlight potential roadblocks and delays
  • Attach documents to tasks
  • Email interoperability and notifications ensure team are up to date
  • Exportable to Excel, PDF etc
  • Bulk message collaborators or potential specialists.

Supply chain management

The current climate is placing unprecedented pressure on supply chain members and supply chain monitoring is of increasing importance. Contact management databases are laborious to keep up to date and out of date information is a business risk.

Copronet address these issues with an intelligent supply chain solution:
  • Detailed profiles of suppliers to quickly review
  • Self-service for supply chain members to update
  • Alerts when business critical documentation is expiring or out of date
  • Add notes and documents to suppliers to share intelligence and updates with colleagues
  • Granular search and organisation speed up the RFQ process
  • Bulk messages to suppliers enable regular communication of corporate standards/ specifications.


The days of “Meet the Buyer” events are going to be a memory for now. But businesses still need to market themselves and clients and contractors still need to find providers and supply chain partners.

Copronet gives all parties the business critical tools to market themselves and let prospective clients evaluate the suitability of a business:

  • The network allows businesses to present their skills and expertise in a familiar fashion
  • The granularity of our search functionality allows specialists to search for clients and clients to identify potential partners.

Copronet is a platform developed by the industry and for the industry. Start working smarter today.

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Copronet - digital construction solutions

Copronet - digital construction solutions

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