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Mail Manager is the Outlook add-in developed by Arup to help project-based businesses eliminate their email management headache

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Over ten years ago, Arup had a problem. Email represented their biggest communication tool on projects, but it was exposing the business to an unnecessary level of risk, whilst also draining the productivity of project teams.

So, Arup thought, ‘what if we could find any email on any project without wasting time filing’?

Arup looked at solutions available, but everything was a sledgehammer to crack a nut (more than what we needed). Mail Manager was initially developed as an Outlook add-in for their own architects and engineers to take control of their email.

As and when staff left Arup, they wanted to take Mail Manager with them, so Arup identified managing email better as critical for the whole industry.

Mail Manager is now used by business of all sizes across project-based industries.

Reasons clients enjoy working with us is:

  • They address their email headache overnight
  • Staff love using the software
  • The add-in has been designed by people who work on projects, for people who work on projects
  • They get much better access and visibility to project information, regardless of whether staff are in the office or working remotely.

Since forming Mail Manager, we’ve gone from 5 people to 50 in two years, and more and more people are starting to take email more seriously.

Director Jacob Wardrop explains more about why you should use Mail Manager and talks about the businesses using it:

Try Mail Manager for free, download our free trial and start saving time now.

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