Enscape: real-time visualisation


Realise your design potential with real-time visualisation & VR

Enscape is a real-time visualisation and virtual reality tool for architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals. It plugs directly into CAD and BIM software, bringing together design and visualisation workflows across all project phases. It is the easiest and fastest way to turn models into immersive 3D experiences.

Enscape empowers you to create lifelike design experiences, so you can experiment, share ideas, and envision better designs. It works with Revit, SketchUp, Archicad, Rhino, and Vectorworks.


Enscape’s mission is to unleash the creativity of the builders of tomorrow through continuous innovation in accessible design technology.

Top benefits

Communicate your ideas

  • Use real-time rendering and VR technology plugged into your CAD or BIM software to create photorealistic renders and communicate your vision.

Make better decisions faster

  • Iterate effectively by identifying errors easily and evaluating design decisions in real time. Share feedback with your team, partners, and clients.

Work intuitively

  • Simply click “start” to see your designs come to life. Learn tips and best practices from our in-house Enscape experts and supportive community.

Give clients an unparalleled design experience

  • Explore designs in the compelling realism of virtual reality. Allow them to experience their building or space before it’s built.

Win more work

  • Set your firm apart by showcasing beautiful renders. Present your 3D-rendered designs through web or exe file standalones, videos, or 360° panoramas.

Key features

Real-time walkthrough

Visualise your project as a fully rendered 3D walkthrough and follow every update instantly with the live integration between Enscape and your CAD or BIM model.

Virtual reality

Connect a VR headset and walk or fly through your project. Explore your design and immerse yourself in the extraordinary VR experience.

Integrated design & visualisation

Design via the Enscape rendering window and have changes made reflected live into your building model with the Dynamic Asset Placement feature.

Workflow tools

Communicate your ideas and iterate effectively with tools such as Collaborative Annotation, orthographic views, and BIM mode.

Enscape assets & materials

Fill scenes with life with the asset and material libraries. Choose from over 3,000 assets and over 300 predefined materials. Include bespoke assets with the Custom Asset Library.

Export functions

Easily share and collaborate on your 3D-rendered design through web or exe file standalones, videos, 360° panoramas.

Atmosphere settings

Add realism to your renderings with settings such as clouds, time of day, white mode, light view, image effects, volumetric fog, and depth of field.

Virtual visualisation and modelling

Real-time visualisation & VR for your design process

1- Proposals and competition

Enscape makes it effortless to create compelling visuals by integrating with design tools.

2- Pre-design

Enscape’s rendering option makes it easy to communicate data visually without distracting information.

3- Schematic design

Enscape makes the transition out of pre-design into schematic design seamless. Its visualisation allows for quick visual assessment that is logical and intuitive.

4- Design development

Enscape enables fast A/B comparisons without switching views or interfaces and can present them through panoramas, VR environments, or static or real-time renderings via the modelling tool.

5- Construction documents

Enscape provides visual confirmation of problems and errors that stakeholders and design team members can then discuss and resolve.

6- Construction administration

Enscape provides rapid visualisations of changes, so swift approval can keep the construction schedule unchanged. Enscape QR codes on sites allow the public to see and understand the building before it’s built.

7- Post-construction

Enscape allows interested buyers and renters to see the full potential of a space by visualising a complete room with finishes, furniture, and equipment.

Designing Spaceport America

Viewport Studio is a team of architects and designers based in London and Singapore. In 2019, they designed the interior of the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport in New Mexico, USA.

Tasked with designing something that has never been done before, they shared how Enscape played a significant role for this dream project. Read more.

Spaceport America

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