What is the FIA (Fire Industry Association)?


The FIA (Fire Industry Association) is the largest fire protection trade association in the UK.

Formed from a merger of two trade associations with 100 years of history back in 2007, the FIA has gone from strength to strength, more than doubling our number of members in the last four years alone to over 700 companies.

We are now the prime technical resource for the fire industry, providing a safe platform for industry stakeholders to come together to resolve industry issues and produce best practice guidance documents for those that need it most. We achieve this through the representation of our members, providing technical support, guidance and opportunities for professional advancement through education and appropriate regulation.

In 2016, we celebrated the 100-year and the 50th year anniversary of our ancestor merger trade associations. Throughout all of that history, our objective has not changed: to promote, improve and perfect fire protection methods, devices, services and apparatus.

The FIA (Fire Industry Association) and its role

We write and revise British Standards to give manufacturers and installers the best possible guidance to ensure that products are safe, reliable, and can be installed to a professional level.  We care greatly about the safety of the public, which is why we regularly write for a range of different magazines, educating hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and business owners on their fire protection responsibilities.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and a major provider of fire safety training and qualifications within the fire protection market. We have trained over 30,000 delegates in 17 different courses throughout the whole of the UK, with an excellent pass rate of 93%.

Our trainers are professionals from within the industry.  They each are specialists within their respective fields and most benefit from over 30 years in the industry.  Together they have created detailed training courses that benefit from their years of experience and dedication to British Standards with the fire industry.

Their invaluable insights and real-life examples of how theory relates to everyday on-the-job scenarios will give a thorough and detailed knowledge of industry best practice.

Recent achievements

Our most recent achievement in the education field is that we have now become a provider of qualifications in fire detection and alarms, providing a qualification each for the job roles of designer, installer, maintainer, and commissioner.

We run training programmes nationwide, with a wide range of dates and locations.

Aside from our training, we also promote and shape legislation and the professional standards of the fire industry through close liaison with government and official bodies, as well as other key stakeholders.

Our not-for-profit status means that all of our funding goes straight back into leading key research projects in line with our principal objectives, providing CPD days, and giving vital seminars to our members to keep them up-to-date with the latest changes to the industry.


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