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Hemsec is one of the UK’s largest and longstanding insulated panel manufacturers

Hemsec works in partnership across the supply chain and is trusted by companies who need absolute confidence in the timely delivery of high quality, durable building materials.

The insulated panel manufacturers create energy-efficient industrial, commercial and residential structures, taking responsibility in today’s environment for the generations of tomorrow.

Manufacturers of composite insulated panels

Hemsec insulated panelsHemsec has quietly and diligently become one of the largest manufacturers of composite insulated panels in the UK. The company is committed to playing a key role in improving outcomes in the industries they serve.

Everything Hemsec manufactures either keeps cold air inside a structure or firmly shuts it out. The world increasingly needs this capability, and Hemsec needs everyone to know they are here and ready to serve them.

From 1928, when Cyril Hemmings founded the company to supply insulated cabinets to an enterprising ice-cream and refrigeration salesman named Bill Walker, to today, when Hemsec supply a variety of markets including SIPs for the construction industry, they have stayed true to their values.

Hemsec is located in Merseyside which is, of course, world-famous for many things including its port, which spawned its superb transport and infrastructure, and its inventive and original spirit.

Hemsec values

Hemsec’s aim is to create trusted partnerships with their customers, and to supply them with the best quality insulated panels in the world, keeping excellent delivery times. As a consequence of doing this, the company remains responsible, and make a positive impact in the world.


Hemsec makes products that are not only of requisite quality, but which exceed CE standards. Hemsec does this by testing them more thoroughly than even the most rigorous accreditation requires. Guarantees of up to 40 and 60 years on our products underpin our promise of quality.


As a third-generation family business, Hemsec takes their responsibilities very seriously. Their team of employees rightly consider themselves as part of the family, we are a leading manufacturer and supplier to key industries requiring sustainable insulation, and a high-profile employer in their region.


Hemsec keeps customers for many years, and it’s because they have learned to trust that Hemsec always lives up to their promises. The insulated panel manufacturers consistently deliver on lead-times, working hard to improve their processes continually, and making sure their products are the best in the world.


Many of Hemsec’s customers have ambitious goals, and they need more than just a panel manufacturer – they need a team of people who become part of their success. Hemsec makes sure they understand what their customers are trying to achieve, and create long term partnerships with them.


Hemsec’s focus for almost 100 years has been entirely on manufacturing the highest quality insulated panels available anywhere in the world, and on delivering them when, where and how their customers need them.

Their products primarily serve the food, pharmaceutical and construction industries, meet and exceed appropriate BS and ES accreditations, and are warrantied for 60 years, which demonstrates their durable performance.

From the simplest panel needed to refurbish or line a cold store, through energy-saving, load-bearing SIPs for residential and commercial buildings, to the toughest panel required to handle severe temperatures from -50C to +50C, Hemsec’s technologies provide you with outstanding results.

The panels provide your structure with a smooth finish with no unsightly joins, and can cope with demanding spans for very large areas.

All their panels have been fire resistance tested to appropriate levels by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), so you may be confident that their safety is indisputable.


As one of PBC Today’s quality stakeholders, Hemsec offers unparalleled insight into the SIPs industry, from knowledge to technical reviews and sector-leading observations.

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