JCT – Setting the standard for construction contracts


Since 1931 JCT has produced standard forms of construction contract, guidance notes, and other standard forms of documentation for use by the construction industry

Today JCT provides a larger and more comprehensive range of contract documentation than any other contract-producing body in the UK construction industry.

As a consensus organisation, JCT represents a collaboration of the major sectors of the construction industry that contribute to the contracting process.

Its members include: British Property Federation, Build UK Group Limited, Contractors Legal Grp Limited, Local Government Association, Royal Institute of British Architects, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and Scottish Building Contract Committee Limited.


About the contracts

JCT is the UK’s leading producer of standard forms of contract, which work on the principle of adapting established benchmark provisions to suit a wide range of projects.

What is a standard form of building contract?

A standard form of building contract is a form of contract containing conditions which are applicable, or can be made applicable by the use of alternatives, to a wide range of building projects.

The JCT approach

The approach is to produce standard forms that meet clearly defined needs and apportion risk in a way that is appropriate for the procurement methods they reflect. The JCT suite of contracts is made up of ‘families’ of standard forms, guidance and other documents that are suitable for the majority of construction projects and procurement methods.

JCT’s flexible and broad portfolio of main contracts, sub-contracts, agreements, warranties, and other documents ensures that our contracts support a wide range of construction activity, including complex, large-scale projects, right through to individual home owners carrying out alterations.

JCT 2016

JCT 2016 is the current edition of JCT’s standard forms of contract. Find out more about our range of contracts and our methodology below:

Our services and activities

The JCT Online Store provides next-working-day-delivery for contracts as well as offering a range of other products, including bespoke weather reports developed exclusively for JCT by the Met Office, a selection of BIM titles, and a range of contract administration products.

It also has JCT Digital Services. Modern contract drafting at your desktop. Access anytime, anywhere. JCT Digital is a suite of online services that makes the contract drafting process more convenient and flexible, whilst giving you the confidence of being able to generate a genuine JCT product, backed up by years of contract expertise and excellence.

JCT Training

As well as providing contracts, JCT also offer a range of training courses (in person and online) on various contracts families, as well as broader issues, such as selecting the appropriate contract for a project, and detail on the legal perspective.

Cover the basics of JCT Contracts with our Video Module series of JCT Training products – convenient and useful anytime you need to brush up on an aspect of a contract or familiarise yourself with a JCT contract for the first time. JCT Training Video Modules provide a short introduction to the key elements of JCT Contracts.

The education module, JCT Contracts Discovery, is an ideal tool for education and training providers, in-house training teams and independent tutors.

As a consensus organisation, JCT is influential in bringing the industry together on a variety of issues, including Building Information Modelling, Education and proving support for construction students, Sustainability, and the Public Sector.

JCT Network

The JCT Network is free to join and provides exclusive content to JCT users, including advance notice of changes to contracts or new products, blogs and news, and event invites.

JCT On Demand

All JCT 2016 Contracts are available via JCT On Demand. Complete your contract using an intuitive Q&A process, which makes filling in the contracts easy and makes sure you cover all the key areas. Find out more at: jctltd.co.uk/jct-on-demand

JCT OnDemand

JCT Construct

Subscription service with advanced editing and drafting features

JCT Construct

JCT Construct is a subscription-based contract drafting system with advanced editing features. The service enables you to create, amend, and customise the drafting of your JCT contracts in a secure, flexible, and easy to use online environment.

With JCT Construct’s powerful tools you can edit the JCT contract text itself, adding your own amendments, clauses, or other customised text. This is alongside being able to use the same intuitive Q&A process as JCT On Demand to fill in your contract comprehensively.

The JCT Construct system generates your contract in plain copy as well as a comparison document, making it possible to easily read the contracts and see all your added changes tracked against the published JCT text.

Guest sharing supports collaborative working among those involved in the contract drafting to share drafts, to edit, and to see all the changes. Version-to-version comparison allows you to see any of your or your guest collaborators’ changes between draft versions and against the published JCT text, ensuring full transparency between the parties to the contract at all times.

Two subscription options of JCT Construct, ‘JCT Construct – Complete’ or ‘JCT Construct – Small Works’ grant digital access to either the full, or limited, range of the JCT 2016 Edition of contracts. There are also various options depending on how many users you or your company would like to include under your subscription licence.

A summary of JCT Construct’s main features:

  • Easy to use, flexible, and secure online contract drafting
  • Edit the contract text, with auto-updating of clause numbers, cross-references in the JCT text, and table of contents
  • Share drafts with guests
  • Create boilerplates so you can re-use your standard set of changes
  • Print draft contracts for review
  • Print final contracts for signing
  • Print comparison documents showing all user-generated changes tracked against the published JCT text for full transparency

For more information, and to purchase JCT On Demand contracts or a JCT Construct subscription, visit the links above, or the JCT Online Store at www.jctltd.co.uk.

JCT launches new group for young professionals

JCT has launched the JCT Young Professionals Group (YPG), a new cross-industry networking initiative for construction professionals.

The aim of the YPG is to provide a focus group for construction professionals within the first ten years of their career, those that are “young in the industry” regardless of age, and students, who are interested in elevating their professional profile, expanding their industry network and connecting with peers, and giving back to the industry through fostering a long-term engagement with JCT.

In its role as a cross-industry collaborative body, JCT is uniquely placed to provide an opportunity for young professionals across different sectors of the construction industry to connect with their peers and share knowledge, information and experiences.

Membership of the group provides access to the YPG’s events, which are both digital and physical opportunities for networking, and where professionals can be kept updated on a variety of industry topics, as well as learn more about JCT and the contract process.

In addition, members have exclusive access to the YPG online portal which, as well as promoting events, contains a growing library of videos, documents, news, interviews, user-generated content, and other resources.

A committee of ‘founder member leaders’ has already been established, which provides a steer on the types of content, events, and general activity of the group.

Those wishing to join the JCT YPG, or to find out more information, can visit https://ypg.jctltd.co.uk/.


As one of PBC Today’s stakeholders, JCT offers insight into construction contracts, from knowledge to case studies and sector-leading observations.

You can access stakeholder related news, reports and guides below.