Lucideon – Materials Development and Commercialisation


Lucideon’s knowledge and experience of the construction industry is backed up by multifaceted testing, consultancy and R&D capabilities

Versatile Purpose-Built Facilities

  • Large-scale construction and engineering laboratory
  • 300 anchorage strong-floor, each anchor having a 100 tonne capacity
  • Large load lifting capability with 11m clearance
  • Loading rigs with 900 tonne capacity
  • 5 large-capacity hygrothermal testing chambers
  • Indoor dynamic wind loading and wind uplift test rig with a 6.2 x 3.6m chamber

From raw materials and construction products to buildings and infrastructure, whether new-build or redevelopment projects, Lucideon are experts in all things building and construction. We work throughout the lifecycle of clients’ products, systems and buildings, from developing new materials and laboratory testing, to factory production control and on-site investigations.


From raw materials and finished products and systems, through to full size structures, our laboratory and on-site analysis covers it all. Physical and chemical tests can be customised and carried out to a variety of national, European and international standards, to demonstrate adequate performance, support new product development or for certification prior to product launch. Thanks to our industry knowledge and the close work that we do with many regulatory bodies, we guide clients through the maze of current regulations and guidelines.


Our experts have worked on diverse projects across a wide range of industries; they bring this knowledge to clients projects, cross-fertilising technologies and solutions to ensure that their products and processes are performing optimally. And, should things go wrong, we work to find the root cause of failures and implement suggested measures to stop them reoccurring. Our expertise is backed up by a comprehensive suite of analytical and characterisation capabilities. We can scale-up from pilot to process scale to enable a smooth transition from lab to manufacture.

R&D and Technologies

Clients need to stay ahead of the game, be first to market and gain a competitive advantage through developing the next generation of products, processes and applications. Our aim is to help clients do just that. R&D for the construction and related engineering industries is a core part of the services we offer. Our R&D service covers new materials and technologies, problem solving and process improvements. Whoever we are working for, whatever the funding route and research objectives, our aim is always the same – to innovate, implement and improve performance and profitability.

Insight Hub

Visit our insight hub to find out about Lucideon’s latest news and our resources. The hub provides access to our white papers/specification guides, case studies, forthcoming/recorded webinars, published articles, newsletters and event details.