MetSwift – A new meteorological intelligence


Metswift weather prediction: enabling Planning, Business and Construction to swiftly arrive at intelligent weather risk decision-making.

Brighter skies for weather risk calculation

In response to industry, MetSwift have ascertained the real and changing needs of risk management in relation to meteorological probability & prediction.

Instant, accurate, predictive, parametric

MetSwift have located a gap in contemporary weather prediction, and created proprietary statistical and predictive modelling to better inform weather-based decision-making.

Our Artificial Intelligence and Statistical Models cleanse and analyse: 98.8% global coverage. 92,456 cleansed weather station data. 13.68 billion days of weather processed. 55,000 earthquakes since 0 AD. 67,0000 tornadoes. 4515 cyclones.

Innovative weather analysis

  • Invited to speak at Future Build 2012.
  • Innovation in Insurance Awards Finalists.

Already stirring great interest within the insurance sector via a growing number of strategic partnerships: We believe our weather and Nat.Cat risk intelligence will fundamentally change weather in industry & our extensive discussions in business to-date are a testament to this.

Groundbreaking climate forecasting

We’re excited about how ‘disruptive’ software is quickly becoming the core of how businesses operate across the globe.  However this has not yet been the case for weather, and we are here to change that.

Instant & Exploratory: Global weather & Nat.Cat. risk in seconds, responsive to your parameters; also highly exploratory via in-depth analytic representation.

Precise data, your parameters: With data that is driven by the event itself, immediately enter your parametric triggers and make incremental adjustments.

Cleansed data, drilled into: Focus on the insight from the data rather than having to obtain and interrogate the data yourself.

Location-specific and Global: Attain location-specific results drawn from hyperlocal data.

Predictive: Proprietary AI, developed by leading meteorologists, predicts up to 5 years ahead.

Artificial Intelligence: Developed proprietary analytic techniques interrogating global, historic, continuous datasets, approx. 13.68 billion days of hyperlocal data.

Industry Experts: Expertly evolved by climatologists, specialist meteorologists, pure mathematicians, data scientists and business specialists.

We are currently developing strategic partnerships within construction to assist the industry’s integration of weather prediction and expand the capabilities of BIM.