Modularize – The Offsite Construction Experts


Modularize are leading offsite construction experts, provide end-to-end services in Modern Methods of Construction with a range of construction services

Modularize are offsite system integrators. Our range of offsite construction services are broken down into four categories. We help our clients with services in design, manufacturing, management and strategy.

Each of the above services are broken down into service modules. We can help you to pick and choose the right service modules to suit your business needs.

Service modules can be organised and combined in different ways so that we can provide you with a straightforward, clear direction no matter what your interest in offsite construction might be.

Offsite Construction Design

Do you need to develop or improve a modular or panelised building system, or are you trying to integrate MMC systems into your project?

Modularize was founded with the purpose of bridging the gap between design and manufacture in the construction sector.  We have excelled at our founding purpose by helping to bring some of the most exciting products to market by applying DfMA.

We utilise modern tools such as Virtual Engineering and BIM to successfully enable us to design and integrate offsite systems to meet your exact project demands.

If you’re already a manufacturer then we can integrate digital systems into your factory and design processes to optimise the product and manufacturing approach.  We work with you from the initial feasibility and conceptual stages to guide you through manufacture and installation on-site.

Offsite Construction Manufacturing

Are you an investor, developer or existing manufacturer looking to set up a Modular / MMC factory?

The construction sector is poised to catch-up with the 21st century with an increasing uptake of offsite construction. Due to increasing success of offsite projects, there are a greater number of adopters of MMC technology. We have seen an industry grow from infancy to success.

Our team of manufacturing consultants have experience setting up, delivering or improving successful offsite production facilities all around the globe.

Beyond factory design and production flow, we also understand the systems, processes, and software that you’ll need to operate your factory. Taking a holistic and lean approach, often in conjunction with our product development services, we can apply true Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) principles to ensure that your manufacturing facility is ready to succeed in the modern construction sector.

Offsite Construction Management

Are you a developer looking to deliver a scheme using MMC or Offsite Construction Methods?

Modularize understand the Offsite Manufacturing world better than most, having worked to develop product and managed factories with many of the top tier offsite manufacturers. We are therefore best placed to offer a one stop solution to deliver your project, from advice and assistance with early stage design, supply chain selection, managing the manufacturing process, site delivery and completion on site.

We partner with key players in the industry, from Architects, Engineers, M&E consultants and Contractors who we know truly understand offsite construction, to offer you the most complete ‘modular management’ approach in the industry, all under one umbrella. We understand that to deliver success in the offsite sector, we must work collaboratively and digitally to deliver the most effective cost and time benefits.

Our in depth understanding of the modern construction supply chain, allows us to guide you through the vast array of products providers and approaches out there and tailor the most suitable offsite solution for any given construction project. As per a Construction Management contract our aim is to extract best value for our clients and offer multiple services under one contact.

Offsite Construction Strategy

The offsite construction sector is becoming increasingly competitive. As the use of modular and panelised building systems spreads around the globe, have you properly considered how to distinguish your business and stay ahead of the competition? Where are the opportunities currently? Residential, Student, Build To Rent, Hotels? Does your product meet the requirements of the market?

Too often new providers are unclear on many of the above questions, our business strategy experts have in-depth experience at all levels of the offsite construction sector from upfront design and product development, through to architecture, engineering and project delivery. We understand what it takes to become a success in the offsite sector. We operate globally and know suppliers, manufacturers and funders who share a common goal of improving the way we build.

If you’re looking for a route to market, advice and assistance generating leads to give you a boost in the sector or even need funding for your expansion onto the offsite sector, then give us a call and speak to one of our offsite strategy specialists.