OKI Systems UK


    OKI is a leading business-to-business printer brand – supplying businesses, government departments and other organisations across the globe. Its commitment to designs which are ‘simple, solid and smart’ makes it an ideal supplier to the construction industry where devices must ‘earn their keep’, often in the busy and rugged environment of the site office.

    For example, OKI printers:

    • Provide multi-functions in a small footprint: Many AEC companies handle a variety of different documents – and so end up with a diverse mix of specialist devices that are expensive to run and take up too much space. Planners, architects and engineers need large and detailed drawings, plans and designs and occasionally brochures, reports and display materials. On the other hand, increasingly complex supply chains and lean processes demand fast and often on-the-spot documentation and invoices, timesheets, bills of materials and other day-to-day administrative documents.

    OKI offers small footprint devices that are equally at home printing A3 colour posters or banners as they are at quickly producing high volume A4 documentation. Multifunction printers (MFPs), such OKI’s MC800 range, are 4 in 1 devices with printer, scanner, fax and copier in one small machine, Embedded server-based software allows users to take photos or capture documents on a smartphone or tablet onsite and then distribute to the company network or to third party applications. Hard copy product documentation such as timesheets and delivery notes can be scanned in and converted to PDFs for action or archiving. All this can be done from one small device that sits neatly on a desktop or in the corner of small office.

    • Are robust and durable:  OKI is a pioneer in LED technology having launched the world’s first LED printer in 1981. LED means fewer moving parts to go wrong and a stable print environment – ideal for withstanding the mud and grime onsite and the constant traffic of a busy office. Their compact nature also makes them easy to move when a project is finished.
    • Can produce high-end graphics:  For example, the OKI C911 is ideal for producing top quality graphics in-house for client approval, helping to save outsourcing costs.  It can handle sizes from A6 to SRA3 and banner lengths up to 1.3m and print on stock up to 360 gsm single-sided and 320 gsm duplex. It will also print down to a 1 point font level of detail and on a wide range of media including gloss, film, transfer and waterproof paper – and more. It is the size of a normal office printer and can also be used as such for day-to-day work, doing away with the need for two separate printers for office and design needs.
    • Are environmentally responsible: OKI has made great strides in reducing the environmental impact of every product throughout its lifecycle. The majority of OKI printers and MFPs have earned the Energy Star rating by helping to eliminate energy waste. Notable features include:
      • Designs which use less energy to perform regular tasks 
      • Energy-efficient LED technology 
      • Power-save mode when not in use 
      • Duplex printing as standard  
      • Free recycling programme for toners
    • Are affordable: OKI works with its wide partner network to help customers take control over the costs of document output and management, without sacrificing quality. Strategies include
      • Managed Print Services optimises printing needs to drive productivity and cut costs through the processes of evaluation, implementation, management and review.
      • Managed Document Services analyses, optimises and manages document workflow while reducing costs and improving efficiency. This service delivers savings to make a difference to any size of business.