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Access the Quartix vehicle tracking system in real-time on any online device

The Quartix vehicle tracking system helps business’ save on fuel, cut fleet expenses and improve driver safety. The tracking system is installed in over 500,000 vehicles worldwide, including lorries, vans, cars and coaches. Customer industries range from Construction, Security, Public Sector, Landscaping and everything in between.

Vehicle Tracking from Quartix

The award-winning system offers a wide range of valuable features for fleet managers. Live tracking, comprehensive driving style reports, driver timesheets, geofencing and management dashboards allow businesses to easily see where efficiencies can be made and improve the safety of their teams.

Daily driver briefingQuartix does the hard work of analysing your data and generates simple to use reports that can be accessed on the web or sent directly to your inbox. These reports help you identify the best drivers, make sense of mileage and fuel costs and remove the need for regulatory admin.

With the Quartix system, you can:

  • Boost productivity by locating vehicles in real-time, optimising routes and allocating your nearest drivers to jobs
  • Reduce operational costs including fuel spend, mileage and vehicle maintenance costs
  • Encourage safe, economical driving with driving style insights and speed reports
  • Ensure that your drivers stay within defined zones during working hours
  • Reduce administrative load and easily validate overtime
  • Keep on top of vehicle services, inspections and insurance renewals with integrated calendar alerts
  • Reduce your business’ carbon footprint by improving driving styles and reducing mileage and idling times

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18 years of telematics excellence

Live Tracking Having manufactured its industry-leading telematics technology since early 2001, Quartix now has more than 13,000 companies using the robust vehicle tracking system. Quartix offers a true end-to-end solution and is responsible for all aspects of the tracking device production – from the black box telematics to the vehicle tracking reports arriving in your inbox. Key to the system’s reliability is an architecture built on fault tolerance and active redundancy. With Quartix, you have peace of mind that your vehicle tracking system will be reliable and available, wherever you are.

For its unique SafeSpeed Database, Quartix was presented the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2018. The intuitive driving style reports display both league tables and Safe Speed scores, based on real traffic data that is collected from over 30 million data points every day. Improving driving styles has proven to save companies up to 10% in fuel consumption as well as having a hugely positive impact on road user safety.

Flexible installation options

Quartix has a wide range of vehicle tracking installation options available through rental or purchase plans with three different levels of functionality.

Hard-wired tracking device

  • Engineer installed
  • Soldered and insulated
  • Compatible with any 12/24v

Connect & Track Self-Install

  • Connects to the vehicle battery
  • Remains out of sight

Plug & Track Self-Install

  • Plugs into the OBD port
  • Perfect for leased vehicles

Over 13,000 businesses have chosen Quartix because it offers:

  • Actionable insight on vehicle movements, engine usage, driver behaviour, and fuel consumption
  • Tiered pricing options that let them select the level of functionality they need
  • Shorter contracts that don’t require multi-year commitment
  • Contracts that do not auto-renew
  • Customer service by experts invested in their success

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