SCIA – Structural engineering software


SCIA combines structural engineering and design technology to provide structural analysis software and high-level support to the AEC industry

Powerful structural analysis software & design tools with local support

SCIA – part of the Nemetschek Group – combines structural engineering and design know-how with technology, to provide the most powerful structural analysis software in combination with high-level support.

Together, they enhance the structural engineer’s BIM workflow and boost productivity for all types of structures – from the simple, every day, to the once in a lifetime. [Read more…]

A range of BIM solutions to improve engineering workflows

At SCIA, collaboration between all disciplines is at the heart of delivering a safe, sustainable built environment.

It realises this cannot all be done via a ‘one size fits all’ approach and so they have developed several different solutions for ANY type of company and ANY engineering workflow, from a federated to an integrated model.


SCIA support

When you buy SCIA software, you don’t just buy access to the software, you also buy access to expert local technical support teams. They help you understand and use the software effectively, ensuring you achieve great results, every time.

SCIA also runs regular webinars and training sessions – group, individual or online training to provide practical, hands-on experience.


The customers

The core purpose is to delight customers by helping them create the best structural designs. SCIA has an ever-growing user base of thousands of structural engineering professionals in more than fifty countries around the world.

Engineering offices, contractors, steel or concrete specialists, structural and civil engineers, control institutes, as well as government departments and universities all use SCIA software.


Why choose SCIA engineer:

  • You have the whole workflow in one application
  • You get an All-in-One modular solution
  • You keep full control while increasing your productivity
  • You freely collaborate with your BIM partners
  • You receive top-quality local support.

As one of PBC Today’s stakeholders, SCIA offers expertise in the structural engineering industry, from knowledge to case studies and sector-leading observations.

You can access stakeholder related news, reports and guides below.