Site Diary – Daily Construction Report


Having a site diary accurate and up to date is critical, yet challenging because it usually requires lots of time and efforts from your team to be possible.

Site Diary app replaces the existing paper site diary, daily construction reports or site journal, where field workers make a report of things that occurred on their projects. With Site Diary app, we make the whole process quick, fun and simple so you both have a detailed diary and time left to focus on building more.

We developed Site Diary to address the needs of site engineers, foremen and site managers working in construction organisations, contractors and installation teams both large and small.


Our vision is that site diaries shouldn’t be filled by people but automatically filled through connecting to other apps/software and IoT devices.


Site Diary was first developed by Appear Network (Swedish company) in 2014 as a part of the European Union funded MobiCloud Project. This first Site Diary was developed in correlations with Costain.

In 2016, French construction software developer Script&Go acquired Site Diary as a part of their strategy for international expansion as well as addressing the needs of field workers.

Since the acquisition by Script&Go, Site Diary is used by over 6000 construction workers in 94 countries and over 240,000 diary records were created from 2016 to 2018.

2019 saw Site Diary have its first major update/overhaul since it was developed with a redesigned app, new technologies and new features such as task management.

Some of the key benefits

  • Have tangible proof in the case of a dispute
  • Your diary records can never be lost, damaged or tampered with
  • Get paid faster because you have records of work done
  • Save an average of 45 minutes per day per engineer when compared to the paper diary process.
  • Share info and collaborate with site workers and office teams
  • Create, assign and monitor task from anywhere on any device

Key features:

  • Local weather report automatically included
  • Attached unlimited images to diary entries
  • Task Management/allocations
  • Real-time synchronization between all devices
  • Offline availability
  • Export reports (PDF, CSV & Excel)


Keep records on all your daily field activities