Simpson Strong-Tie – structural connectors for timber, masonry and steel


For over 60 years, Simpson Strong-Tie® has focused on creating connectors that perform under the toughest of conditions, helping you build safer, stronger homes and buildings

For over 60 years, Simpson Strong-Tie® has focused on creating connectors that perform under the toughest of conditions, helping you build safer, stronger homes and structures. With more than 1,000 product solutions, we’re proud to offer the widest connector range in Europe.

While our business and our products may change to meet the needs of our customers, our values are steadfast and continue to guide us in the work we do every day. Total peace of mind, whatever you’re building or renovating.

Whether off the shelf, or custom manufactured bespoke orders, the quality and variety of our product lines gives engineers and builders more freedom to design flexibly, while offering reliability and proven performance.

Strong structural connectors

Using top quality steel, and incorporating unique features to save you time and effort, our “No Equal” structural connectors, and other related products, are subjected to rigorous strength and durability testing at our UKAS accredited test lab, and CE marked as appropriate.

We continuously invest in research and product development to produce unique new connectors that meet new market needs and exceed the latest European requirements for construction products.

Choosing the right structural connectors

In addition to free software solutions to help you choose the right connector or fixing, you can count on our UK technical support centre for all of the information you need in order to design with, and properly install, our products.

Our Vision

To provide the most trusted construction solutions on jobs worldwide.

Company Values

  • Relentless Customer Focus
  • Long-Range View
  • High-Quality Products
  • Be The Leader
  • Everybody Matters
  • Enable Growth
  • Risk-Taking Innovation
  • Give Back
  • Have fun, Be Humble

Our range includes:

  • Joist hangers
  • Restraint straps
  • Angle brackets
  • Extension wall profiles and masonry ties
  • Collated and corrosion resistant fasteners.
  • Chemical anchor systems
  • Truss and Timber Frame connectors
  • Plasterers’ bead and mesh
  • Specialists in Glulam, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) and Cross Laminated-Timber (CLT)

We are the first choice for:

  • House builders
  • Truss manufacturers
  • Timber frame manufacturers
  • Repair and maintenance professionals
  • DIY professionals

Quality – Innovation and Service. That’s our genuine commitment.

Since we released our first joist hanger back in 1956, we have strived to build quality and innovation into everything we make and everything we do. By talking to builders and architects every day, our connectors have constantly evolved with new features to help build better, safer structures. They’ll save you time and give you peace of mind.

Stocking Our Connectors

What you want, when you want it. And at a price that’s right? Who else gives the builders merchant all of this:

In Transit

  • 2-3 day delivery as standard
  • Overnight and small parcel options
  • Same day shipping

In Person

  • Nation-wide merchandising team
  • Highly experienced technical support
  • Professional customer care and advice

In Store

  • Dedicated product displays
  • Unlimited point of sale literature
  • Adaptable and informative packaging

Installing Connectors

Structural connectors

Whether you’re building an extension, renovating a property or building a new completely new structure, Simpson Strong-Tie connectors are designed to do more than just their job, They’re designed to help you do yours.

We constantly think about how to make the installers life easier, adding unique features to our connectors to simplify the job and speed things up.

Jiffy Hangers

Many of our joist hangers feature ‘speed prongs’. These are teeth built into the hanger which allow you to tap the hanger into place, leaving both hands free to hold the hammer and nails to finish the job.

Crocodile Wall Starter

The C2KS (famously known as the Crocodile) wall starter is the only wall extension profile which features ‘snap out’ ties (so they don’t go missing on site) as well as a universal profile channel so they can be lined up with the new wall quickly and accurately.

Engineered Restraint Straps

Because conventional restraint straps are between 2.5 and 5mm thick, you can’t lay a floor without first having to notch out the floor joists. After extensive testing we discovered that the thickness of the steel matters less than the strength of the bend. Realising this, we developed the HES strap. Just 1.5mm thick, it can it over joists without all that notching, however special reinforcements on the bend give it a huge 8kN restraint capacity.

Need Advice?

If you’re new to using connectors or you just need to check something with an expert, our Technical Support team is on hand to answer your questions and provide some sound installation advice, from making sure you have the most suitable product, to the best ways to go about installing them.

Designing Our Connectors

Simpson Strong-Tie Structural Connectors

New building methods and alternative materials are continually emerging. Our design team and UKAS accredited test lab are primed to rapidly deliver new connector solutions. And since we have manufacturing facilities thoughout Europe and North America, there’s every chance we already have the next big thing available from the shelf.

Our range of connector applications includes:

  • Engineered Timber  I-Joists
  • Metal Web I-Joists
  • Structural Insulated panels (SIP)
  • Glulam Timber
  • Modular Housing
  • Timber Frame
  • Light Gauge Steel
  • Cross Laminated Timber