StormMeister – Developing world-leading flood protection


Flood water is a powerful force and StormMeister products harness that force to maintain flood protection without using complex locking mechanisms

StormMeister are world-leading developers of flood protection products for both residential and commercial use.

StormMeister flood protection

Stable Door by StormMeister for flood protectionConventional doors use compression (passive) seals that rely on handle pressure to resist rising floodwater. This makes the doors difficult to operate and therefore liable to fail due to the excessive strain that is placed on the seals and locking mechanisms. StormMeister flood products are completely different, working to utilise the water pressure instead.

In fact, StormMeister flood doors are the only flood protection products on the market that have been fitted with Active Flood Seal mechanisms maintained by pressure of floodwater. All of our products have been developed in-house and are protected by StormMeister™ patents in the UK, Europe, the United States and by individual copyrights and design rights the world.

Some of the flood doors in our range include

  • Composite doors.
  • uPVC doors
  • Timber doors.
  • Garage doors.
  • Bi-fold doors.

Flood defence even against the hardiest of elements

Another product, added to the StormMeister range within the last couple of years, has been the Garage Storm and Flood Door (that has also been category 5 hurricane rated). With garages being particularly vulnerable to flood water, dust and other debris, the innovative sealant technology can help to ensure that everything you store will be protected not just from storms and floods but from intruders!

StormMeister’s Low Threshold residential and commercial flood doors are the world’s only wheelchair-friendly flood doors with a floodwater activated ‘active flood seal’ and thresholds compliant with Part M of UK Building Regulations for wheelchair access – ideal for any homes or commercial premises. Since 2015, they have been installed throughout the UK, Europe and the USA in homes, shops, offices, bars, hotels and restaurants – highlighting their reliability and versatility. Furthermore, all StormMeister flood doors come with a variety of locking options including push pad and electronic operation.

Fully-Tested Flood Doors

Flood Door Testing at StormMeister for flood protectionWhen you’re buying a flood door or any flood protection product it’s important to know that they have been fully type-tested and are able to perform the job they are purported to do. With innovation being at the heart of StormMeister’s business, testing is paramount. All products are put through stringent examination ( PAS1188-1 2014) in order to be aware of their intensities. This includes wheelchair-friendly flood doors, garage flood doors, flood barriers and flood gates.

Many flood door retailers will not have their own testing facilities, so whilst they may have their products independently tested it is extremely expensive and therefore every type of door they sell may not be tested. At StormMeister, an on-site testing facilities in Preston, Lancashire allows assurance that every single product StormMeister sell is everything that it says it is. Furthermore, testing by third parties is usually done behind closed doors, however, StormMeister open up their facility, with many industry, governmental and private individuals visiting throughout the years.

Free Desktop Surveys – bespoke flood protection design

We are now offering FREE DESKTOP SURVEYS throughout the UK and worldwide from our Preston Headquarters. We will computer design flood protection for your property because with StormMeister® you don’t just buy flood protection, you buy flood protection specifically designed for your requirements. To make arrangements call us on 01772 704429 or email