Tata Steel


Tata Steel is one of the world’s most geographically diversified steel producers, with operations in 26 countries and commercial offices in over 35 countries.

In Europe we are one of the largest steel producers. But it’s not just our size that sets us apart. What makes us different is our approach to business. We believe our strength is how we build collaborative relationships that create new success for our customers.

Through serving many demanding markets worldwide, including Automotive, Construction, Consumer Products, Defence & Security, Energy & Power, Lifting & Excavating and Packaging, we understand that customer needs are different in each market.

The Tata group was founded on the principle that its activities should always benefit society. Today Tata Steel is guided by the same long-term vision. We operate in a way that is safe for our people and respectful to the environment. We behave responsibly and with care towards the communities surrounding and impacted by our operations.

Sustainability is at the very heart of what we do and we are dedicated to managing our operations responsibly and to continuous improve our performance.

Tata Steel is striving to become the global benchmark in value creation and corporate citizenship in the steel industry.

In Europe we aim to develop long-term partnerships with customers in our chosen markets by unlocking the potential of steel. We seek to create innovative products and services to help our customers overcome their challenges and be more successful in their markets.

We do this in a responsible way. Nothing is more important than the safety of the people who work on our sites. But we also act responsibly towards the environment and the communities we operate among.

We have five strategic priorities in Europe: Customer Focus, Innovation, Operational Excellence, Responsibility and People.

Customer focus

  • Our sales and marketing approach focuses on some of the world’s most demanding markets, including automotive, construction, packaging, rail, lifting & excavating, energy & power
  • We are investing in projects to improve our product mix and service offering and we are transforming our internal supply chain to improve customer service levels
  • Our teams work closely with customers to understand their needs which dictate our production, supply chains and delivery activities


  • We are pursuing a strategy of market differentiation, which involves maximising the proportion of differentiated products and services in our sales – products and services that few or no others can offer
  • We conduct research programmes aimed at developing cutting-edge manufacturing and product technology and at improving the sustainability of steel products through their life cycles
  • We seek to work as closely as possible with our customers to develop the new products and services they need to succeed in their own markets, believing that we succeed if our customers do

Operational excellence

  • We are constantly investing to upgrade our manufacturing and distribution facilities in order to improve their performance and cost competitiveness
  • We aim to establish best practice in our production plants, supply chain management and delivery activities in order to optimise service to customers

Responsible behaviour

  • We act responsibly towards the environment in all our activities, focusing on sustainable raw materials usage, water and energy conservation, waste utilisation, emissions reduction and land reclamation
  • We support the development of breakthrough technologies to deal with the challenge of carbon emissions
  • We support the communities we operate among by promoting sport and encouraging their economic, environmental, educational and social development through financial support, the provision of materials and the time and enthusiasm of our employees


  • The safety of our employees is our number one priority
  • We are committed to the people who are instrumental to our success, our employees
  • We engage our employees and develop their capability through training
  • We foster teamwork, nurture talent, enhance leadership capability and encourage our employees to act pace, pride and passion

Our products and services

Tata Steel manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of high quality strip and long products, ranging from hot-rolled to metallic coated, pre-finished steels, alloy steels, profiles and construction systems.

Our product range and service offerings satisfy the quality and performance needs of a wide variety of demanding markets and applications.