Techno Metal Post – World leader in helical piles and screw piles


Techno Metal Post provide an expert service, installing helical piles and screw piles set for specific bearing capacity for structures

Helical piles are ideal for setting a firm base for your structures, but what are they?

What are helical piles?

A Techno Metal Post helical pile (or screw pile) is a giant metal screw that is installed in the ground by a certified technician until the exact bearing capacity for your structure is reached. They are screwed into the ground using proprietary machinery specifically designed by our engineers to provide you with an accurate measurement which is tested and validated right on site, ensuring the foundation of your structure is solid and secure. Techno Metal Post’s screw piles are manufactured in North America from structural steel ASTM A500 Grade C, Can/CBA-GHD.21-98. Our posts are designed, engineered, and tested to the highest standards to ensure they withstand the toughest loads and conditions possible. Worried about Clay Heave? We have solved that problem with a heavy-duty polyethylene sleeve that has been specially designed to encase the post and prevent it from being affected by ground movement. With Techno Metal Post your projects and/or structures are completely supported in a cost-effective, easy-to-install manner. Our screw piles are perfect for all kind of applications;

Houses, House extensions, all types of Offsite Homes and Buildings, Apartment Blocks, School Classrooms and School Buildings. Permanent Sport Structures, and Temporary Buildings & Exhibition Structures, all types of Commercial Sheds and other Commercial Buildings, along with the underpinning and stabilisation of rail track.

Why use them?

  • No excavation
  • No concrete
  • Ready to build on immediately
  • Removable
  • Resistant to clay heave
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Minimal site disturbance – no vibration
  • Minimal installation time – cost-effective

Technical Certifications – an assurance of quality and reliability

Since 1993, TMP has worked tirelessly to obtain the required accreditation and acceptance of its products throughout the world. Our engineers have spent countless hours ensuring that our products meet the strictest standards.

In 2002, TMP was the first helical pile company in the world to receive CCMC compliance in Canada.

Since 2006 in Europe, TMP was the first and is currently the only helical pile company to receive a compliance with the Eurocodes and the CCFAT in France.

In November 2013 TMP received from the United States the ICC-ES (ESR-3418) approval for its 3.5” diameter outside post and accompanying brackets.

In the UK, TMP has received numerous Accreditations and Certifications, and the Piles are CE Marked and are made from structural steel according to ASTM A500 Grade C.


Techno Metal Post certifications