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A new way to extract data and manage your assets and compliance. Putting your data into action.

At The Compliance Workbook (TCW) we believe in advancing technology to find innovative routes which are both efficient and, importantly, improve safety. We use big data analysis to discover hidden patterns, correlations and knowledge to increase efficiency through a reduction in time, human error and resource. We enable the potential power of the data hidden within digital documents to be employed improving risk management and adding value through the provision of a robust way of managing the data and ensuring accuracy, ultimately improving safety.

The Compliance Workbook Solutions

Our innovative solution combines our unique data extraction software ‘Escher’ which uses our propriety code instead of current industry ‘Optical Character Recognition’ (OCR), with our revolutionary analysis software to transform asset and compliance management for the future.

The software combination enables the underlying meaning of the data to be comprehended, producing high quality, reliable information relating to the physical entity it represents. Unlocking this information enables not only validated calculations to be performed but the intelligent analytics enable clients to pinpoint areas of concern automatically, assess their entire asset register, re-deploy skilled engineers where they are required, switch off inefficient processes, and manage lifecycles/budgets proactively.

Currently, over 6 million assets are analysed within our system for social housing alone. The technology is transferable to a variety of sectors with rail and insurance currently on-boarding. We have replaced a labour intensive, ineffective system, adding value through unlocking hidden data and digitally connecting it.

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