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Three Shires Ltd is one of the UK’s leading ecological, fencing, forestry and landscaping providers. We work nationally with some of the country’s leading construction, civil engineering and house building companies, civil infrastructure planning and ecological consultancies, wildlife bodies and environmental agencies.

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Three Shires are best known for their specialist ecological contracting services and over the years have been responsible for delivering some of the most complex, high profile and demanding ecological mitigation schemes in the industry, firmly establishing Three Shires as the largest dedicated ecological contractor in the UK.

Three Shires also provides fencing, landscaping and forestry services across all sectors; focused on adding unrivalled quality, value and innovation, TSL clients receive time critical and cost effective solutions to a broad spectrum of site requirements.


Three Shires fencing system

Three Shires patented fencing system, Herpetosure has grown to be the UK’s leading and most recognisable brand in ecological fencing products and contracting. The Herpetosure fencing system was developed in 2004 and became available in 2005 with the aim of providing a recyclable, reusable and robust alternative to traditional ecological fencing systems, Herpetosure offer snake, reptile, GCN, slow worm, toad and water vole fencing as installed product or for self-installation by others.

So trusted is Herpetosure that it is often specified by Ecologists within protected species licenses and management plans as the Herpetosure fencing system consistently outperforms all others.

Prior to Herpetosure’s development, newt fencing consisted of 1mm plastic sheets buried into the ground and supported by timber stakes; this newt fencing system was not reusable or recyclable and on project completion generated 100% project waste all destined for landfill. The other major issue with this newt fencing system was that it is particularly vulnerable to contractor damage, vandalism and arson and as a result the species on site were not adequately protected. Clients were therefore left exposed to spiralling maintenance costs, massive project delays with potential legal implications due to breaches of licence, and the inevitable financial impacts of such delays.

Herpetosure newt fencing was developed with the benefit of hindsight and the result was a product that resolved every failing in the timber and plastic newt fencing system; it can be installed up to 10 times faster than alternative systems, it is vandal resistant, fire retardant, robust enough to be driven over by vehicles, it produces zero product waste, it is derived from recycled material and is 100% recyclable, its product integrity is guaranteed for up to 30 years against the elements, it protects against breaches of licence and reduces on-going maintenance costs by up to 98%.

What makes Three Shires special

The major difference between Three Shires Ltd and other ecological contracting operations is that the company provides dedicated solutions to ecological site issues. With over 20 years’ experience delivering ecological projects and site enablement work across all sectors Three Shires has a proven track record in tailoring and delivering cost effective ecological operations and other site work that enable projects to move forward into the construction phase.


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