Viewpoint – Cloud-based project management for your entire organisation


Viewpoint offers award winning project management solutions to connect your office, team and field.

Viewpoint, a Trimble company, has been a construction software leader for more than 40 years. Viewpoint offers award winning project management solutions to connect your office, team and field.

Viewpoint’s award winning Common Data Environment product — Viewpoint For Projects (VFP) — is a cloud-based document and information management solution which enables customers to share, control and collaborate on project documents with dispersed projects teams. VFP customers realise benefits such as streamlining documentation, reducing errors, mitigating risks, and avoiding duplication of efforts.

VFP is the UK’s most used Common Data Environment solution (NBS BIM Report 2020) with a very strong global reach. The solution is trusted by over half a million users in the construction space, with customers relying on VFP’s stringent security standards to manage their complex supply chains. VFP has won “Collaboration Product of the Year” at the Construction Computing Awards for ten consecutive years.

Viewpoint’s powerful document control solution – VFP, integrates with Viewpoint Field View, a cloud-based and off-line mobile solution that replaces pen and paper in the field for Quality, Safety, Project Delivery, and Closeout/Commissioning.

With Field View, users can create custom and pre configured health and safety forms to capture and transmit data from field-to-office in real time. As well as digitising on site forms, Field View also replaces pen and paper in the field when it comes to snagging. Field View allows users to take photos and record snags in realtime and send directly to clients and/or the back office, improving the management and monitoring of tasks and client collaboration. Field View allows customers to have one central view of the status of all tasks within a project, hence why project management and efficiency of closing out tasks is instantly improved.

“All the information is automatically distributed to all parties concerned and it provides a golden thread of information, through from design to project completion,” said Nicola Markall, Compliance Manager at Colmore Tang.

More than 8,000 clients across the globe rely on Viewpoint solutions to manage their construction operations; half of whom have grown with us for a decade or longer. We have your construction software solution to help manage your projects, processes and people.

To learn more about the success Viewpoint clients are realising with our solutions in action then please visit the case studies section on our website.