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tackling the climate crisis

Tackling the climate crisis through AI

Brian Hills, CEO of The Data Lab, Scotland’s innovation centre for data and AI, discusses the role of AI in tackling the climate crisis and the development of a new tool that will help housing associations and developers to make their properties more energy efficient.
risk assessment app, AI

Kier Highways begins trial of new risk assessment app

Kier Highways have begun trails on a new innovative risk assessment app 'FYLD', which conducts digital risk assessments which will save time, increase safety, and boost collaborative working practices.
BIM Trends

What are the top five BIM trends in 2022?

In this article, we explain the top five BIM trends that are expected to take the construction industry by storm in 2022, and why Building Information Modelling adoption is the way forward in our new digital age.
construction lifecycle

Building on sustainability through the construction lifecycle

Dr Axel Kaufmann, CFOO & Spokesman of the Executive Board, Nemetschek Group, explores how buildings can be planned, built and managed much more sustainably over the entire construction lifecycle.