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Technology Lab for architecture, engineering and construction, Edinburgh Napier University, Trimble,

Edinburgh Napier and Trimble to establish AEC Technology Lab

Edinburgh Napier University has received equipment and software from Trimble to establish a state-of-the-art Technology Lab for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC).
Stabicad, M&E,

Trimble releases Stabicad for M&E contractors in the UK

Trimble has announced the availability of Stabicad for the UK, a Revit®-based design and calculation software.
Digital twins, construction, BIM

What are digital twins?

Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and now the preeminent trend of 2019 – digital twins. How can we make sense of all these buzzwords?
MEP contractor, BIM, 3D models

Five reasons BIM is no longer enough for the MEP contractor

With an ever-rising pressure to evolve beyond BIM, sticking with the status quo is not an option for MEP contractors.
MEPcontent created a Product Line Placer Add-on for Revit for Sanitary Systems

Design MEP sanitary systems with manufacturer-specific content

MEPcontent, part of Trimble, have created a ProductLine Placer Add-on especiallty for Revit for Sanitary System projects in Revit If you are working on wastewater-,...
Construction cost, construction estimates, cost benchmarking.

The best data for construction cost benchmarking

The pitfalls of using industry averages for construction cost benchmarking.
MEP estimators,

5 challenges MEP estimators in the UK face today

Estimators need to be able to produce a high volume of consistently estimates without sacrificing accuracy – but they face a number of challenges, from a lack of information to multiple, varied requests.
Construction industry, Brexit, projects,

How will Brexit impact your construction project in the UK?

Narrowing our focus to the construction industry, the impacts of Brexit may still be unclear, but informed speculation takes us a long way. But as a contractor, engineer, construction consultant or tradesperson, what could this mean for you?

MEP Designer: How good are your Revit skills?

A month ago, we shared our Top 10 Revit Tips Guide !  Are you a Revit Rockstar? ...or do you still need a bit more training? 

The Benefits Of AI (Artificial Intelligence) In Construction

Trimble discuss the use of artificial intelligence in construction roles, making job sites more efficient and economical.
The Tulip,

New tower The Tulip is blooming over London

One city is going floral with a new tulip-shaped tower rising above the skyline. The city of London recently revealed plans for a new tower that some are calling both bulbous and beautiful
Robotics, construction,

How long will it be before robots build everything?

As technology and AI gallop forward, robotics are making inroads into construction. Will there come a point where they can replace humans entirely?

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