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As architects we see ourselves as responsible for what really matters, the quality of people’s living and working space. Harmony with our world is important and we aim to minimise the environmental impact and improve the sustainability of every project with which we are involved.

We want to inspire and surprise our clients. In our practice we start from the beginning which is of course you, our client. Nothing is formulaic, we don’t have preconceived ideas and we don’t design to schedule. But we do understand budgets and working within tight constraints.

We take our lead from the context of your project. We like working in challenging situations and we find that the most interesting solutions tend to originate from the most restrictive conditions.

In our work we adhere to the highest professional standards set both by the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Architects’ Registration Board.

Let us embark on that creative journey together.

Main Services

We design high-end residential, commercial, mixed-use and hospitality projects across complex, cross-cultural contexts.

In our work we adhere to the highest professional standards set by both the Royal Institute of British Architects and the Architects’ Registration Board.

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Everyone wants a space to relax, where they can feel at home and be in harmony with their surroundings.  At AR we delight in helping to create dream properties for private clients or developers and see the success of our residential projects as central to our business.

Previous schemes include the design of contemporary houses, residential developments, extensions, loft/basement conversions and period refurbishments. Many of our completed projects have been in listed buildings or conservation areas.  We relish the challenge of obtaining consent for these schemes and pride ourselves on producing designs which are sensitive to their historical context.

Working in close collaboration with our clients enables us to realise their vision, devising clever solutions to minimise the limitations of budget or planning restrictions.  We can lead a team of professional consultants to produce the highest-quality finished product.

Our creative ethos, progressive approach and genuine love of our work has resulted in a proven track record of happy clients and significant awards.

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At AR Architecture innovative design goes hand-in-hand with commercial insight, as seen by our diverse portfolio of completed developments.  The Team’s previous experience encompasses everything from airports to master planning, and has allowed us to gain the breadth of knowledge which we carry forward to subsequent schemes.

A green, planet-friendly ethos underpins every project we produce. We use the latest construction techniques to minimise the environmental impact at every stage, believing that conventional commercial assets depreciate in value faster than sustainable properties, which remain attractive to clients and tenants.

What makes us different is our listening culture and our efficient process aided by our utilisation of BIM software.  We keep our client’s business objectives at the heart of the design process.  We listen, we understand and we deliver.

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When working abroad we offer international expertise supported by an ability to deliver projects locally.  We are cosmopolitan in our outlook and bring a unique insight into operating in complex, cross cultural situations – be it foreign clients in the UK or British property-buyers overseas.  We have copious experience of managing worldwide assignments in a variety of scales, from concept to completion.

Many nationalities are represented in our office, consequently we speak seven languages fluently and our architects are professionally registered in other countries in addition to the UK.  We have partners in Ireland, Russia, Serbia, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain, France, and Latvia who we collaborate with for local delivery of international projects.

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Building Information Modelling (BIM) allows for the optimisation, visualisation and analysis of projects and has changed the world of architectural design.

As a forward thinking practice, we have been utilising this exciting new technology since 2013.  BIM gives us a better understanding of how elements in the project work together, allowing us to walk through the project and investigate the relationships between the components. Potential problem areas can be detected early and resolved with minimal impact on the programme and budget.

BIM ensures that we achieve the best possible impact and usability on completion.

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