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How Solibri is pioneering excellence in the industry

In this year's Solibri Journal, founder and CEO Heikki Kulusjärvi discusses changes within the company and how Solibri is ensuring excellence This year’s Solibri Journal...

A house builders technical guide: Avoiding potential pitfalls from the outset

In this technical guide, Premier Guarantee offer advice on how house builders can avoid costly mistakes and ensure quality in their project

Structural warranties offer a safety net for building projects

Whether undertaking a new build project or restructuring an existing property, structural warranties provide peace of mind

PBC Today July 2017

This edition of PBC Today includes many articles covering subject areas such as planning, housing, BIM, building control, health and safety and energy efficiency.

BIM Today May 2017

BIM Today November edition is now live. Read on for information from our experts in the digitisation of construction

Latest Special Reports

man and machine

2nd generation training BIM ready program for construction professionals

Man and Machine unveil their plans for the pan-European BIM Ready Program, providing a foundation for delivering this national construction aspirations. When one realises the significant ambitions of UK Government to build more houses, develop cheaper...

coBuilder signs agreement for delivery of structured product data for the Norwegian construction industry

This week, coBuilder signed an agreement with The Federation of Norwegian Construction Industry (BNL) to deliver standard-based product data structures also known as Product Data Templates to the entire sector. coBuilder – the biggest provider...
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