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Structural defects can leave homeowners without insurance out of pocket

A structural warranty provides the buyer of a residential property with insurance cover against the costs of putting right structural defects

How to provide product data that clients cannot resist

Here, coBuilder provide a six step action plan to ensure firms provide product data that is useful and efficient for clients

Digital construction trends: Latest thoughts from inside the industry

Read the latest insight on digital construction trends from experts at Clearbox, including a case study on how Kier Group achieved BIM Level 2...


PBC Today January 2017

So long 2016 – you were certainly an interesting year. We witnessed Brexit, the Cameron and Osborne demise and the election of Trump, to name but a few highlights.

BIM Today February 2017

BIM Today November edition is now live. Read on for information from our experts in the digitisation of construction

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Mick's Mates captures a corner of the domestic market

Mick’s Mates captures a corner of the domestic market

Mick’s Mates discuss their expansion into the domestic market, and share the progress being made on its first major renovation project Mick George Ltd focuses on all things skips, concrete, aggregates and big construction plant equipment-or...

Solibri Model Checker – Imagine reliable information on demand

Solibri Model Checker allows you to perform quality control checks to your authored models utilising the industry open standard IFC before submission. The construction industry is slowly moving from a very traditional, blinkered and adversarial...
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