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iMist are fire suppression specialists that provide a thoroughly tested water mist system, offering an economical alternative to traditional fire sprinkler systems.

iMist systems are proven to effectively suppress fires, using minimal water, keeping damage minimal on activation.

You will have come across the fire triangle at one point, which explains the components in which are needed to get a fire started. Oxygen, fuel and heat are the three components needed to start a fire.

The iMist fire suppression system only requires a minimal amount of water, as it discharges at high pressure, to produce a fine water mist. Our system in essence attacks all 3 aspects of the Fire Triangle simultaneously.

The water mist will fill the area of coverage and dampen all surfaces to restrict fire spread (takes away the fuel). As the water is discharged at high pressure, the temperature in the room is dramatically reduced (takes away the heat). As the water mist hits the flame front it turns to steam (takes away the oxygen).

As our system only uses a minimal amount of water – and a lot of that is turned to steam – water damage is kept to a minimum.

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