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About Access

Looking after the needs of disabled people is not just important from a legal perspective – it’s good for business and for everyone, from elderly people to parents pushing prams and buggies.

About Access Ltd has been specialising in identifying and addressing access issues since 2006 and our casebook is full of a wide range of successful projects completed for clients in the public and private sectors.

Our input varies depending on the needs of our clients and their customers, and on the stage at which we become involved. Prevention is better than cure – and usually much cheaper.

So we are able to assist from the planning and design stage through the construction and fitting-put procedures all the way to completion and snagging. And if things go wrong we can also offer expert witness services, although our aim is to try and avoid that with early intervention.

Our Managing Director, Ian Streets, is a member of the National Register of Access Consultants and the Access Association and as such works with BSI Standards, the UK’s national standards body, to advise on appropriate designs for buildings and their surrounding areas. Ian has also been appointed to the Network Rail Built Environment Accessibility Panel.

About Access works with organisations of all sizes around the country, and on all property types from listed buildings to those still on the drawing board.

Successful outcomes are a more inclusive world in which disabled people are treated fairly and everybody else recognises that access is about procedures and policies as much as physical barriers.

About Access 6 years ago
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