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PAS 170

A new security standard to protect people and places

Government organisations are increasing their emphasis on protecting highly populated urban areas and infrastructure from different types of vehicle attack with physical perimeter security. Jaz Vilkhu, Marshalls’ Managing Director of Landscape Protection, argues that for the first time, the new PAS 170 standard will offer assured products to secure against criminal threats and accidental impacts
3D Models

2D to 3D Models: Entering the Third Dimension

As you’ve likely heard or read, the construction industry is in a state of transformation: from flat to fat; from two to three dimensions
NavVis M6

NavVis M6 enables next-generation mobile mapping

NavVis, a global leader in mobile indoor mapping, visualisation, and navigation, has announced the launch of M6, a next-generation indoor mobile mapping system that overcomes the scalability and data quality constraints of today’s reality capture technology
Construction verification

Construction Verification Grows Up…

The use of 3D BIM models constantly updated by multiple sources of data are becoming increasingly common in construction – but how do we ensure the finished article matches its as-designed “digital twin”? FARO’s Vito Marone discusses state-of-the-art construction verification techniques
BIM objects

Skydôme entrusts BIM&CO with the publication of its BIM objects

Through the BIM&CO for Manufacturers offer, BIM&CO and Skydôme, the manufacturer specialising in zenithal overhead lighting solutions, have entered into a collaboration to distribute quality BIM objects dedicated to natural lighting for all stages of the BIM process
Bluebeam Revu

Hilson Moran Turns to Bluebeam Revu and Studio Prime to Drive a 60% Increase...

Industry-leading design consultancy Hilson Moran has adopted Bluebeam Revu and Studio Prime to help it keep ahead in the highly competitive construction sector
Site Progress Mobile

Interserve improves site progress discipline with Powerproject’s site-to-office reporting app

On a recent £135m project to deliver seven schools simultaneously across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Berkshire, Interserve explored what Powerproject’s companion app, Site Progress Mobile, could do to improve the collection, management and integration of progress updates
Allplan 2018-1

ALLPLAN announces the new BIM solution Allplan 2018-1

Leading European provider of BIM solutions, Allplan, has released its latest version of its market-leading BIM solution Allplan 2018-1 for architects, and structural and civil engineers
Building Information Modelling

Digital Union sponsor NBS on BIM: what you need to know

Richard Waterhouse, CEO of the NBS discusses the benefits and the reach for businesses in the North in their use of Business Information Modelling (BIM)
VR solutions

VR solutions empower designers’ creative flow

ebb3, experts in network infrastructure performance for 3D graphics, will apply Citrix® technology to offer new VR solutions for designers in the automotive, aerospace, and built environment sectors
BIM Protocol

CIC publishes second edition of the BIM Protocol

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) has published the highly anticipated Second Edition of the BIM Protocol, to reflect the current practices and standards regarding the use of BIM
Revu 2018

Bluebeam release redesigned Revu 2018

Bluebeam, Inc., leading developer of innovative technology solutions for the AEC industries, has announced the release of Revu 2018, featuring a new interface and enhancements designed to maximise productivity, improve predictability and fast-track new users while supporting existing workflows
International Centre for Connected Construction

Proposed centre aims to integrate smart building tech and BIM

A proposed centre for digital construction in Newcastle will aim to exploit the expertise of data scientists and bring smart building technologies and BIM into closer association
Product Data Working Group

UK BIM Alliance confirm Product Data Working Group

The UK BIM Alliance has confirmed the membership of its Product Data Working Group. The group will support the UK Built Environment industry in coming together to meet the challenges of product data use and management

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