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rise of BIM

The rise of BIM: Joining up the dots

The rise of BIM is bringing major changes to how the construction industry works. George Adams, Director of Energy and Engineering for SPIE UK, examines the opportunities and challenges this presents, and how we join up the dots to realise the benefits
Constructing Excellence

Constructing Excellence calls for drastic digital transformation in construction

At its Annual Conference on 12 December, Constructing Excellence is revealing a new strategy that aims to accelerate the digital and offsite revolution (including AI, factory production, BIM and open data) in the construction sector
Construction Computing Awards

Construction Computing Awards crown UK BIM alliance ‘team of the year’

At the recent Construction Computing Awards, the UK BIM Alliance were presented with the Team of the Year 2017 award for digitally transforming the Construction and Infrastructure sectors
innovation fund

£20m innovation funding available for the built environment

BSRIA is urging members to register for a slice of £20m investment available in the Government Innovation funding for the Built Environment
smart city visions

Creating smart city visions of the future

The concept of smart city visions is advancing across the globe. But what will they look like and how will they work? Rohit Talwar, Steve Wells and Alexandra Whittington of Fast Future explore the possibilities
Digital Built Britain

Government commits £5.4m to support the built environment

The government has dedicated £5.4m to fund a centre of excellence in Cambridge to support the digital evolution in the built environment
BIM Regions North East

BIM Regions North East gets a boost

A new programme of events for the BIM Regions North East community began this week in Newcastle with over 50 construction professionals attending
construction product manufacturers

Construction product manufacturers tell all about BIM

For seven years, NBS has chartered the rise of BIM within the UK design community, but this week launched its first report into the views of construction product manufacturers
Supply Chain Assessment

Bryden Wood creates Supply Chain Assessment tool

Bryden Wood, the integrated design and operations consultancy for the built environment, has created a Supply Chain Assessment tool to optimise the supply chain of clients
BIM Ready

Get BIM Ready – Cloud-based entitlement & BIM use training

Too many companies are realising only a fraction of their technology capabilities because of a lack of practical, interactive training. Man and Machine’s BIM Ready programme aims to change that
BIM collaboration

BIM: Don’t confuse, collaborate

With its host of new terms and technical phrases, BIM can seem daunting. Niraj Mistry, senior BIM assessor at Stroma Certification, argues that BIM collaboration is the key to cutting through confusion and reaping the benefits
offsite construction

Why geometry is more important to offsite construction than data

The focus on the value of data in offsite construction is understandable but, cautions Lee Mullin of Autodesk, the importance of geometric design information cannot be overlooked

BIM and GIS: What the Information is going on?

BIM and GIS are often thought of as separate tools for separate professions and never the twain shall meet. Mike Shilton, Product Director at Keysoft Solutions and Chair of the Landscape Institute Digital Practice Group, looks at how the two can work together

Future-gazing: BIM, data and the future of construction

BIM Today sits down with AECOM’s Stefan Mordue to discuss future-gazing and the impact digital transformation is already having on construction

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